As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Means Business!

Obama is adding to his growing collection of fat cat advisers, anointing General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt to lead his outside panel of economic advisers and putting 83 year old Paul Volcker, the former chairman of the group, out to pasture.

As a way to emphasize hiss focus on getting the unemployment rate down while at the same time obscuring that Volcker was canned, Obama pretended to create an entirely new panel, rechristening the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board as the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

With his reelection imperiled by the still sluggish economy and stubborn joblessness, the former community organizer is now hugging corporate America so tightly he’s apt to break a few CEO ribs.

This month he has made JP Morgan Midwest chieftain Richard Daley his chief of staff, and now he’s brought on Immelt. He invited JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon to this week’s state dinner for Hu Jintao, a sign of a rapprochement in Obama’s frayed relationship with his “favorite banker.”

Obama has signalled he wants to improve relations with the Chamber of Commerce, and is expected to address the Chamber next month.

What’s disturbing about all this is the chameleon character of it. One moment, the president is bashing bankers, opining that “at a certain point, you’ve made enough money,” suggesting the Chamber of Commerce is funneling foreign cash into the 2010 campaign, and so forth. And then the next moment he’s making his closest aides people who have devoted a significant amount of time to making MUCH MORE THAN ENOUGH money.

Obama of late is being criticized for noT seeming to have an ideology, for lacking a consistent set of principles.

I think he has a very consistent set of principles. Watch these people get marched out the door following his reelection.

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  1. Keith:

    This article is gold: ” … watch these people get marched out the door after his re-election.”


    Obama IS anti-big business, but Immelt (a far-left loon) has been tied to liberal causes (and this WH) for some time. When I read your post and the comment on Drudge, I knew this was in the stew for some time. Immelt has been an Obama supporter since day one.

    But here’s the key to this article: Obama HATES big business … and will only keep them as advisors or close to him … if he w i n s.

    The key is not America, the debt, Al Queda, taxes, the people or the Constititution. The key is winning. Winning at *all* costs. And if winning means bringing Immelt, Dimon, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs or any other over-educated, rich, billionaire elitist CEO on board to achieve this goal – so be it.

    ITEM: Marxism dictated to Mao that in order to destroy the Kuomingtang, he had to fight WITH Chang Kai Shek (1939) , ALLY with CKS (1943), and work with his enemies until the time came to destroy them (1949) once the Japanese were defeated.

    Obama would make sweet love to Sarah Palin if it would get him re-elected; he would bottom (sans lube) for the entire crew of the New York Gay Men’s Leather Association if it would garner a maximum number of gay votes; he would burn a Koran if it would seal Christian votes in the South. Like Bill, he would sell Michelle to Hu Jintao if it meant “peace” with China.

    “Win at any cost.”

    This article is eerie, in that it provides a window into how the Obama Administration sets sail for safe harbor, and then quietly (but effortlessly) casts his crew adrift while he quietly sails toward home.

      • Remember that Alinsky was “classically trained” as a Marxist. The central tenet of Alinsky-ite thinking was the total elimination of the opposition through any means necessary primarily the use of a second or third party to destroy the reputation of ‘the enemy’.

        It’s no wonder that Alinsky dedicated his book, RULES FOR RADICALS to Lucifer, otherwise known as Satan :

        ” … lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

  2. new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

    What? “You Too Will Work Again Sometime, You Know, Soon, Advisory Group” was taken?

    As fot the banks, check out B or A with that big loss–and a touted forerunner of other banks, too. Someone may need a baiilllout….

    Cavuto is funny when he says, “I don’t care if he means it, if he does it.”

  3. You’re right on the mark with this piece.
    The new, improved, civil, 2.0 President is just a sham designed to erase the image of a nasty, snotty, name-calling, bully that was the 1.0 President.
    It won’t last long because he has nothing positive to run on and must resort to the old ‘I might be bad, but he’s worse’ campaign.

  4. BHO has been criticized for surrounding himself with achedemia, government workers and politicians and not having anybody from the private sector involved. Even though these assignments appear to move in that direction, I’m not sure if Wall Street crowd really have a grasp of what it takes to create jobs. Studying finance and fguring out how to scam the markets may make you a large sum of money but I don’t think it ever put a carpenter to work. (Unless it was to remodel their penthouse office) Immelt is so wacked out with BS causes, green products and anything else that will bring GE in lock step with the administrations policies in order to generate profit that I see him as just a yes man to tell BHO how wonderful he and his ecomomic ideas are. What is our equivalent saying in the US to “God save the Queen”?

    • Answer: The elitist lib’s on Wall Street do NOT have the answer. They are the problem. Instead of standing firm and telling Obama to kiss their rear-end, they have buddied up to him. Wall Street MUST maintain a separate, non-aligned stance with the U.S. Government; they cannot be in bed with the WH, and unfortunately, they are.

      • The new Ben Affleck movie–The Company Men? About downsized white collar workers. Movies take years to put together–so H’wood must have known this wasn’t going to improve much and there would be an audience for this. These “top” people know…

        • I want to see this movie!!!!!

          I went to go see THE KINGS SPEECH (which was so-so, it could have been a hell of a lot better had the characters been more developed, especially the playboy-living, cocktail-swilling Prince of Wales) and saw the trailer for THE COMPANY MEN.

          Can’t wait to pay for the ticket, walk up to the concession stand, pay $20 for a 500gr sugared soda and uber-transfat titanic-sized popcorn! Take that Michelle!

  5. I keep saying we need something BOLD, something that isn’t dragging out legislative pocket lint like insect studies that could never get passed before. Free med school to anyone who will work a year afterward in S Dakota or someplace. Setting an affordable “rent” in their own home for those about to get kicked out to rent another house–in this musical houses deal we have going. Retraining for anyone with the moxie to put the time in. Something big! Those road projects, at least here, just got tacked onto the to-do list of contractors already in the game. I have spent hours and hours–even went in person to a procurement counselor here–trying to get a govt subcontract. The process is crazy difficult. I have taken webinars, etc. They could do something about that. Even the SBA answer desk is confused. Oh, man, I have a list!

    • Star,

      I agree. To be honest, I beleived, on election night Obama juuuuuust may be the new Kennedy. My parents beleived it. Both my mom and dad had tears in their eyes when he won; my dad used to tell me stories of the Klan in his small town in North Texas and how hard black men worked (slaved) to put food on the table. Having been a hard-core racist I watched tears stream down his cheeks as CNN called California for Obama and hence, the White House.

      Everyone was thinking: something big is coming.

      Maybe a new works program for out of work college students, a government funded (but tax-clear program) that would be established under pay-as-you-go;

      Maybe a post-Iraq War veterans initiative to get veterans into college or directly into the workforce with a new, super-funded mental health coverage given to combat-related stress cases;

      Maybe a complete “USA Makeover” in which infrastructure is improved (hint: Ike’s highway project).

      I think a lot of progressives are upset as they did not get Kennedy but Clinton 2.0.

  6. AF1 just flew over my house on exit from GE, the thickness of the contrails on this frosty afternoon were an excellent metaphor of the complete smoke job that has taken place in Schenectady. New low-pay low-benefit high demand jobs, not in addition to existing ones, but replacing them; not 650 added jobs, just a shell game after moving them down south or out to the street along with firing and retiring off the rest. All funded with millions in public tax money.

    • Oh, I am sure Immelt will promise to manufacture everything in the US from now on, not sell to enemy states even with an export license, clamp down on the conflators at MSNBC (wait, that will soon be Comcast’s prob), and just selflessly sit at the heart of power and never let it affect his steadfast allegiance to his workers. I don’t know when we will realize that corporations and governments are amoral–they do what suits them, what is in their self-interest. I wish out govt would do that more sometimes, actually.