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Is Michelle’s “Let’s Move!” Campaign Killing Kids?

Oh no. Michelle just wants to make you healthier. But it appears she may want to kill you in order to do it.

Governors Highway Safety Administration spokesman Jonathan Adkins, who I assume will be looking for a new job, says pedestrian deaths rose in the first half of 2010, and Mrs. Obama might be to blame, according to a report by WMAL in Washington DC.

The First Lady is “trying to get us to walk to work and exercise a little bit more.  While that’s good, it also increases our exposure to risk,” he said.

I’ve heard spokespeople say a lot of stupid things, but this is probably the most stupid.

I really like Michelle’s leadership in getting America’s Doritos-bloated kids to shape up. I hope none of them end up ambling in front of moving vehicles. But they do need to back away from their PlayStations and get outside.

What concerns me is when a First Lady’s traditional mission to try to improve the culture turns into a Congress-funded federal initiative.

And now, a further concern is that she will use her clout to beat private companies over the head.

According to the White House Mrs. Obama has begun a “collaboration with WalMart in support of the Let’s Move! campaign.”

From the White House:

The initiative proposes a number of changes by Walmart to offer more nutritious food products, lower the cost of healthy foods, and provide consumers with better information about healthy food options.  These changes are the types of improvements critical to achieving the primary goal of Let’s Move! – solving the problem of childhood obesity within a generation.

“We have enormous respect and admiration for the First Lady’s leadership on this important issue. She was a catalyst that helped make today’s announcement a reality and her spirit of collaboration made our commitment to bring better nutrition to kitchen tables across this country even stronger,” said Leslie Dach, Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs, WalMart.

So, I ask you, what happens when Mrs. Obama approaches McDonald’s and says, “how would you like to collaborate with me on providing healthy food?”

Now, McDonald’s has some good-for-you alternatives on its menu. But its core mission, its business plan, is to sell lots of fat and salt-laden crap to people for them to eat.


And it makes a profit because people really like that stuff. Some balance it with better meals elsewhere, some don’t. But they get in line at McDonald’s to chow on really tasty junk.

But how do you say “no” to the First Lady, who works out of the East Wing, when you know regulations that can kill your business are written in the West Wing.

And, just a friendly reminder, WalMart. This better not be some PR stunt. Mrs. Obama is watching, as the White House gently warns.

Partnership for a Healthier America will be working with Walmart to evaluate and monitor their progress with these efforts.

Partnership for a Healthier America is a nonprofit set up to promote “Let’s Move!” Mrs. Obama is its Honorary Chair.

16 Responses to Is Michelle’s “Let’s Move!” Campaign Killing Kids?

  1. Well, that guy’s comment was bad…what do they call it…conflation…or on our planet–LOGIC. Resume time, buddy! But the idea of her strong-arming (like that one?) Mickey D’s–well, that is horrifying. Fight, Ronald–fight for us!

  2. As a runner and triathlete, I am all about kids getting out and moving – but its hard to believe that they are getting killed because Michelle is encouranging them to be active. I don’t buy what that guy is selling. Sounds like he attended the Dupnik School of Irrational Connections.

    As for McDonalds – my best friend is a legal VP for their east coast operations, and we talk about this all time – from the pressure to put calorie counts on menus to the attempts by the feds to shut down drive-thrus because apparently they contribute to people eating in their cars, and eating in cars makes people fat. Or so goes the rationale.

    According to her, McDonalds has tried to stay ahead of the government pressure by bringing back smaller portions (now considered “snack sizes”) and obviously integrating healthier options. They actually spend an enormous amount of time, money and development looking at this, and trying to make changes (making people fat is not, surprisingly, in their business plan). But at what point do you just have to turn it back over to the people to make their own decisions when they step up to that cashier to place their order?

    I look at it this way – I walk in to the grocery store, and there are aisles and aisles of “bad” food – cheap, sugary and so delicious. There are also healthy alternatives – fruits, veggies, leans meats. I could go for the bad food (like getting the Big Mac at McDonalds) or stick with the healthy carrots sticks (like getting the salad or grilled chicken sandwich from McDonalds). We don’t demonize grocery stores into selling only healthy foods, so why do we demonize McDonalds into selling only healthy foods? Moreover, why do we demonize McDonalds, that actually has healthier alternatives, but not, say, Five Guys (Michelle’s vice), that has no healthier alternatives?

    I guess what I am trying to say is that the decision to eat/be healthy is up to the individual and if they chose otherwise, well – so be it. We can outlaw all types of food, ingredients, etc., and educated the crap out of people, but people are going to do what they want to do – regardless of these efforts.

    • I agree. And as fast food restaurants go, McDonald’s does actually take the lead in offering healthy alternatives.

      But people have a right – even a need – to eat things that aren’t great for them sometimes. When I was covering the debate over the tobacco legislation in 1997-98, a top business lobbyist told me, “You watch, they’ll be after Twinkies next.” I told him he was crazy. But he knew what he was talking about.

      • The left-wing Marxists in the U.S. Government (whether Rep or Dem, they are both the same) will ATTACK anything that they perceive to be “harmful” to the “greater good.” Screw your freedoms. They will simply outlaw it.

        I am a personal trainer and I tell my clients ALL THE TIME, to enjoy a cigar or cigarette from time to time. I mandate red wine as daily intake as *nutritional supplementation.*

        The Marxist lout’s in the Obama Administration (especially his wife, the Breakfast Dominitrix) are just more of the classically trained, big government pie hole beaurecrats that we have to deal with when a Marxist is in power.

        In time they will ban the twinkie. And the donut. And the cream pie. And cake. And candy.

        Its just a matter of time…

    • Starbucks is now the No. 1 producer of greengas emmissions and use of timber for their cups, cup holders, straws and other items …. yet they will NEVER be condemned by the government, because the Board, CEO and others are sympathetic to Obama, the Democratic Party and, in Seattle (where I used to live) to the Marxist city council and state legislator.

      Its interesting. If you live in Seattle, you dont drink Starbucks, you drink ‘an independent cup (brand)’ as Starbucks = billion dollar company that pollutes.

      Yet Starbucks was a major donor to the Obama Administration.

      “If you support me, you can dump battery acid in Puget Sound….”

  3. Good post! When I see the Obamas eschew the shaved ice sugar syrup, butter-drenched lobster, juicy burgers, doughnuts, Wagyu marbled steaks, etc. I may take this more seriously. Prob not, but I might. You never know.

  4. I’m with Star.
    When the elites in DC start eating the way they insist that we do, maybe I’ll consider living on leafy greens and roots.
    When the wealthy drain their olympic-size pools and quit watering their 25 acre lawns, I’ll consider putting a brick in my commode.
    When the Prez quits flying all over the place and parks the massive entourage of gas-guzzlers, I’ll consider buying one of those electric bumper cars.
    Until then, I’m good the way I am.

  5. “Partnership for a Healthier America” – what trash.

    What a Marxist front for this un-elected, anti-American lady. FLOTUS reads us the riot act about nutrition, yet she and her husband eat *ANYTHING* they want, anytime, anywhere, with no repercussions, yet she will known lower the boom on Walmart.

    In Texas we call this chickensh*t.

    Michelle Obama face gives me explosive diarrhea.

  6. Just venting,
    Some doofus claims MrsO wants kids to play in traffic,
    the Gov of Hawaii looked for BO’s birth certificate when no one asked him to do so (can’t find it),
    a silly woman wants the sim chip back from her cell phone that a crocodile swallowed,
    Gingrich is running for Prez,
    Repubs and Dems will link arms and sing cum-by-ya at the SOTUS, MrsPalin is in Kansas looking for Dorothy and Toto,
    the Prez is visiting working people while looking for jobs for the unemployed,
    MrsO will visit some military depot to tell people who have someone in the military that she’s looking out for them or something.
    I’m going to bed now.

    • SRDEM, I like when you vent!

      RE: Obama’s Birth Certificate.

      I continue to *laugh* as the days go by and Gov. Abercrombie comes up empty. Come on Governor, WHERE IS IT?

  7. As far as I know, certain products cannot be purchased with food stamps.
    Why not start there ?
    Instead this “Let’s Move” busywork campaign has taken 14 million From food stamps to finance itself.
    Often diet is related to culture, and certainly to income. Without changes to those factors, people will stay fat.
    But at least it give MO someplace to go once in a while, and show off her arms..

    • Or we could just leave people with food stamps alone–they have enough problems without being thought-controlled, nudged, sculpted, vouchered, and annoyed by crats.

    • Tunafish, pasta and cheap veggies can be purchased at ANY supermarket for the price of ONE McDonald’s super-sized menu meal.

      The problem is low income, African-American families are VICTIMS. And a victim mentality is unable (not allowed) to think for itself and therefore must continue to suffer (eat fast food) until the government suggests (removes by fiat) an alternative (a government sponsored program).

      GOAL: Put fast food out of business.

      ITEM: Fast food corporations are now providing VERY nutritious salads, wraps and alternatives to fried, high-fat foods. You can now eat a “bodybuilders menu” at any of the f/f stops by sticking with yogurt, salads, milk and eggs.