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Michelle’s State Dinner Dress

Here’s the happy group. Mrs. Obama’s dress is by Alexander McQueen, the British designed to who killed himself a year ago.

Hu Arriving at U.S. State Dinner

I like. You like?

Here’s a link to more shots of the thing over at HuffPost if you’d like to conduct a further examination.

10 thoughts on “Michelle’s State Dinner Dress”

  1. WHY red?

    (Blood) red is the main color of communism and is the single color (other than a yellow star) on a red field.

    I know, I know, I am taking this WAY too far.

    Michelle (I love my husband even though he is a Commie) see’s no contrast between the color chosen … why not a red dress with BLUE STRIPES – colors representing the Tibetian flag? Mr. Hu would have complained of stomach cramps had she not fallen into line (like everyone else) during din-din.

  2. MrsO’s attempt at sexy by pulling the left strap of her gown down her arm is a sad commentary. The tortured design of this gown reflects the troubled mind of the designer who committed suicide.
    Her day-dress was a hideous sequined coat and dress emsemble that she racheted up by wearing her over the knees dominatrix boots and shiny red gloves that looked like they were dipped in blood.
    The MSM that annointed her a ‘fashion icon’ should hang their heads in shame.
    Her hair looked nice. Nice earrings, too.

  3. You have to look at more than one photo to decide on MOO’s clothing, and this photo has been photoshopped. If I had only this photo I would say yes, but I have seen the others.

    As for the hair, to me it looks as if the Sharpton comb-back has taken flight and is halfway into the air. What is really interesting about the hair is that it looks like the unpowdered version of early up-do fashions.

    Or she looks like the formalwear Cruella DeVille.

  4. Oh dear:

    Chinese Tiger eats U.S. Dove for lunch

    I am still laughing at how stupid the Washington elites are: China gives a paltry $45b in trade deals, but the gulf is nearly $250b, and Comrade Obama walks away from these “talks” (more like a shakedown) with a smile on his face while the Chinese refused to make any concessions on intellectual property.

    How pathetic.

    And remember, these decisions are being made by “educated men” from the “elite universities.”

    Obama is, and will always remain, for me, a wimpified, asexual, pathetic, effette, political prig with no standards. If Hu would have asked Obama to kiss his ring, Dear Leader would NOT have hesitated. Then again, Bush was supine when Hu visited so the inability of both our leaders to “possess a pair” is not limited to party affiliation.


  5. Well, hey!! B.O. was only elected to be a rock star, and African American Role Model. He does fine at those two things.

    Surely you can’t expect him to be Presidental, as well. Or Moochie the Ghetto Rat to be classy.

    “Elections have consequences!”

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