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White House: Repeal Health Law and Sky Will Fall on Your Head

The White House has a two-pronged strategy for rebuffing efforts to scrap or alter the health care law.

1. Resort to specious arguments. This is a good idea because people might believe things that aren’t exactly true.

2. Scare the crap out of you. This is a good idea because you might decide that without health reform, you will die.

Both strategies are currently on display.

Leading the “specious arguments” category is the claim that repealing the health bill will add to the deficit. It takes, in the words of the great Yiddish philosophers, a Hell of a lot of Chutzpah to argue that ending a $1 trillion entitlement will add to the deficit.

Technically, according to WASHINGTON ACCOUNTING METHODS, this is true, because the Democrats included enough “savings” in the bill, and front loaded the savings while adding the costs in later in the decade, so that overall it “saved” a couple of hundred billion dollars over ten years.

But the impression being conveyed here, that abolishing massive new spending will increase the deficit, is about as misleading as the Double Stuff Oreo Cookie Diet.

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, UN Press Conference
If we repeal this law, you are going to die. I'm just saying.

Here’s a couple of the many reasons why the bill may well increase the deficit, despite spending cuts and tax increases to “pay for” it.

The law’s reduction in the deficit assume several savings that are unlikely to be realized.

First is a presumed cut in Medicare payments to physicians, which is existing law that Congress changes every year so doctors can get their money. The bill assumes Medicare will not have to make payments to doctors that, in fact, it will have to make to doctors.

The bill also assumes other cuts in Medicare spending that Congress may shove aside, and foretells slower increases in health care even as wonderful and expensive new treatments are created and the population ages and demands more and better health care.

But let’s shove all that aside and note that the action Republicans are taking which, technically, adds to the deficit, is the word for word repeal of the law. It’s a symbolic step that won’t become law. Republicans also could easily axe the only costly provisions of the bill and KEEP its putative savings, using them to reduce the deficit instead of paying for health reform.

On our other prong, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius began the process of scaring the crap out of you yesterday, releasing a report saying if the health care law was overturned up to 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions would be at risk of being denied insurance or losing the insurance they have.

That’s about 60 percent of the number of Americans who are on the road each day. Which leads to another startling statistic: Up to 220 million Americans could be killed while driving tomorrow.

28 Responses to White House: Repeal Health Law and Sky Will Fall on Your Head

  1. All true! I saw a Dem ad that said the Reps want to take the same health care members of Congress get away from you! I am so sure–those “exchanges” (wherever they got that name) will not have the rich choices members get. Do you think Joe Sixpack will get the same care Rep Giffords is getting when HE gets shot waiting to pay and some dope robs the gas station? Come on…as my niece says, “That’s just stupid.” And the counting of the half a trillion cut in Medicare as both helping Medicare and cutting the budget–these people aren’t even tracking along.

    • Not to detract from this most worthy subject, but on 60 Minutes they slipped it in that the Secret Service babysits certain chronic threateners–visits them, makes sure they take their meds. Is this “prevention”?

  2. We all have pre-existing conditions; one is universal..old age.

    The claim that umpty-millions of Americans are uninsured may be true, but they are not excuded from health care. Every state has a Medicade-like program to care for those without health insurance. No one is turned away from a hospital when medical intervention is required.
    The underlying purpose of this Obamacare fiasco is to collect more money from the taxpayer under the guise of ‘healthcare’ without raising income taxes. Every provision is meant to cut costs to the Federal government, put the greater costs on the States, and raise money to reduce the deficit.
    Cutting Medicare is a sneaky way to impose the ‘death panels’ that everyone denies will exist: less old geezers, less money spent keeping them alive.

    • I am already death paneling myself…I may “need” a sono in addition to a mammo and would have to pay 20% of the sono under my Medicare “Advantage.” Won’t be getting it. Don’t worry–I think it’s just their doubling up anti-lawyer strategy.

  3. I overheard BHO quoting Abraham LIncoln saying “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” Let’s focus on the first two.

    • Another admin last-ditch BS thing was their claim that 129 million Ams have pre-existings. Even under the present system, 90% of those applying get individual coverage. Many states also have high-risk pools–I was in one in AZ! High-risk pools take those with things wrong with them–you know, the type of people who might use insurance. My CLAPTRAP MONITOR is going ooga-ooga! Oh, well, this repeal thing is theatre right now anyhow.

  4. Remember Rep. Cohen’s comments yesterday equating Rep’s with Nazi’s?
    The Dem argument on HC is precisely that: We will use the Alan Grayson, THE REPS WANT YOU TO DIE tactical debate killer when our debate transaction is aired on MSNBC. Keith, you made a great point about this in your introduction to this debate in this peice.

    Now this debate the Dem’s are making IS a Goebbels-style tactic … too bad we can’t call them National Socialists, because, well, er … they are!

    • Yeah–that was such demogoguery–I guess he is interested in how to be one since he memorized The Goebbels Handbook. You know, I actually wonder how intelligent some of these people are–are they really thinking these analogies apply…I know I would not like to sit down and have a drink with that guy!

      • That Sheila Jackson Lee on Cavuto had a picture of a woman on Medicare who “would die” without Obamacare. Neil said–this is not about Medicare. Her reply, after informing Neil that she could not help that he was stupid, was that the picture was OK since Medicare was also kinda government-y.