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What Did You Think of Obama’s Speech?

I’ll write about President Obama’s speech tomorrow morning. But I’m wondering, what did you think?

You go first this time. Please leave a comment about any aspect of the remarks – content, delivery, political implications and so forth – that you would like. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

18 Responses to What Did You Think of Obama’s Speech?

  1. I give it a eeh.
    1.He didn’t write it,he had EVERYONE working on that one right down to the wire.
    2.He squeezed by w/out the teleprompter,shoulda practiced in the mirror on the flight.
    3.Somebody is going REALLY white up top,ya think he would have been told about Just For Men by now.
    A decent speech,but no award winning campfire song/holding hands here.
    I thought the intern took the show.Zero notes and straight from the heart.

  2. The content and message were on point but the crowd’s reaction was bizarre. The crowd acted like they were at a campaign rally instead of a memorial for those who died and a prayer meeting for the wounded and all of their families.
    Now, it’s time for wait and see to find out if he really means what he said. The upcoming vote on Obamacare will be critical and define the next two years. The Senate Dems really, really don’t want to cast a vote on that issue.

  3. I might have a more thoughtful answer in the morning once I’ve has time to really mull it over, but here’s my immediate reaction:

    I was somewhat surprised at the pep rally approach, as I was expecting something more…somber and reflective. I tried to dismiss it at first, and instead chalk it up to his attempt to “rally” the nation and offer hope in addition to support and concern. But the more it went on, the more uncomfortable I became with the hooting and hollering – and the more it seemed to become a campaign speech. That said, there were some high points, like when he went through all the victims, and praised all those who were involved, and mentioned that Ms. Gifford opened her eyes.

    But I was most concerned with how he would approach the discourse issue, and here is where my thoughts are more murky. I like that he seemed to say “cool it with the speculation when we don’t have all the answers” but I am disappointed that he even brought it up, and did so in a way that I think most people interpeted it as a comment on the Right (at least from the looks of Facebook afterwards, most of my Left friends clearly thought he was referring only to the Right). It may seem like a tiny point, but his comments would have held more weight if he has added a phrase like “on both sides” or something similar, or even have said something about his own reflection on his rhetoric and accountability as a citizen of this debate – but I don’t think he did, so most of it ended up sounding like he was still sort of scolding the Right. As a result, it made all other nice comments, like the one about “not turning against each other” seem hallow.

    In summary: I was hoping for a big warm national hug, but it kinda felt like a pat on the back.

  4. I re-watched it and came the same conclusion..
    His best hope will be a bit part in the eventual made for TV movie…
    Coming right before elections..WATCH..

  5. Upon further reflection (and after reading through the actual transcripts), I offer my final thoughts and then seriously need to go to sleep:

    1. Wow, I really need to work on my spell-check. Sorry if my errors made your eyes cross. Those darn “s” and “d” keys are too close together!
    2. I stand by my inital reaction of the inapproriate tone of the pep-rally-turned-campaign-speech. And remind me again why Eric Holder was there?
    3. I still think he missed the mark on the discourse issue. Disappointing. We basically received a “taking-to” about polarizing speech from one of the most polarizing figures in our government.
    4. I read that Brewer was boo’d. At a memorial, no less! So much for toning down the rhetoric. But this – coupled with the reactions on various social media outlets – suggests that the “feel good” moment was literally fleeting. I don’t think will change anything, and it should be fun to see how the rest of the media fall all over themselves in adoration of his leadership and ability to connect to the American people, while wondering outloud if the Right will hear his call for civility.

  6. I am adding an instruction in my Will, I want T.shirts to be given out in my place of worship, since apparently “church” is sooo last century, and Mass cards or ‘remembrance cards’ will all be on Twitter.
    The President is once again, a day late and a dollar short. When the Left started their lunatic accusations within hours of the shooting, he should have called for calm and decency. Instead he let it play out for 4 days, to gain political advantage and maybe a bump in the polls.
    He is a politician and not a leader, always playing the angles. Further, even during the speech he could have requested there be no shout outs, and no applause, but in his first speech w/o a teleprompter, he really couldn’t afford to go off script, it might have confused him.

  7. Just another speech, written by someone else. I think microsoft has developed “microsoft speechwriter”. You plug in some ideas, buzz words etc and hit enter and out comes this type of speech. Anonna, I agree. The t-shirts were totally inappropriate. The crowds reaction was strange also. Reminded me of the Paul Wellstone Memorial.

    We need some good news about something soon. 2011 has gotten off to a bad start.

  8. That service seemed kind of weird to me…all the cheering, like a rally…which I guess it was…I don’t know..dissonant. So every time I counter something someone says, I am letting that Christina down somehow…Somehow that did not make sense to me. She was going to get involved in politics–she would have held her own and expressed her beliefs. I know I am a buzzkill…cynical..whatever. The AZ Republic this AM had another in a whole series of anti-Palin cartoons…our cartoonist is obsessed. Also they printed a letter telling Beck and Palin to shut up. And of course, essays about how we should be nice. Whatever. I blogged on what to do–as a starting pt anyhow–if someone around you is showing aberrant behavior–this is very difficult.

    Was it me or did the pres look terrible? This does worry me.

    • And NO COMMENT (too late!) on that cardigan sweater…Come on–to a funeral? A cardigan sweater? OK, I will shut up now on this…
      The t-shirt thing started with the gangsta drug funerals…I don’t love it.

      • The teeny cardigan and the poofy skirt are MrsO’s ‘little girl” look she does over and over. At a memorial? She never fails to dress inappropriate for the occasion.
        Without being too, too catty the little girl look must be amazing to behold on a 6ft tall woman.

        • I keep thinking of Giffords’ husband, all the families. Now they have a before/after demarcation in their lives. Also, will he be able to go on the last flight of the shuttle–which I assume he prepared for all his career? Also, if she opened her eyes, wouldn’t he have wanted to stay at her bedside…I don’t know why but I am thinking of the mother who shielded her child–and let the shots find her. Would I have? I am rambling, but this speech is not really on my mind.

  9. I thought the speech was very good but why not he has a speech writer and a pr person to tell him how to do things the right way. A teleprompter also helps so that you don’t forget anything.

  10. Final thought on this. I am truly sad for the families of those that have died and are fighting to recover. Why is this tragedy being treated so differently than the Fort Hood episode. I don’t understand.

  11. Disgusting appropriation of what should have been a memorial. I am so,so sorry for the families and friends who were actually mourning. Amazing, during a memorial, that he found a way to try to turn Gifford’s eye opening into a Miracle Moment, miraculously happening Just After He Left…. Really?? Did he have to say it?? Did he have to point it out how he was Just There? And T-shirts? How long were these printed up waiting for an opening like this one? And he could have silenced But he was too busy breathing it in. And afterward, couldn’t they have arranged for a private meeting with the families? Tacky and tackier. There is no end to his ego. This was just another campaign stop where he says one thing and does another. Interesting that what he says is what most conservatives want to hear, what he does is what liberals want to see. I keep waiting for a jumbo jet to magically appear behind his podium…oohhhh, maybe some white tigers! Watch the other hand – like most politicians.

    • Really?? Did he have to say it?? Did he have to point it out how he was Just There?
      I thought of that–“Oh, no, here comes the Lightbringer Can Heal meme.” I don’t want to give them ideas…

  12. I don’t understand what Nancy Pelosi, Holder, and Janet Napolitano were doing there.

    My feeling is that BOO saw this as an impromptu beer summit op. He flew in the people involved in suing Arizona for trying to protect its borders. Perhaps the idea was that their graciousness in coming to Arizona would jumpstart “healing” or “bridge-building” or “dialogue,” or whatever stupid buzzword.

    As in, “See? You are so very wrong, but when bad times come we get on an airplane and fly to your nasty, unworthy state to open our warm hearts and lower our tear-filled eye alongside you.” And if this was not directed at Gov. Brewer, it was a little play held so the Obots could say, “Look! Despite the meanie mean way that Arizona has treated illegals ….”