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KGB Appears in White House Briefing Room

This is what can happen when a Russian “journalist” is permitted to ask questions in the White House briefing room.

Andrei Sitov, the Washington bureau chief for ITAR-Tass, is usually fairly well behaved, asking things that might normally be expected of a Russian correspondent were the Russian media not under the thumb of its authoritarian government.

But today, Andrei unloaded with a “question” that could have been written by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who has you know as spent the last decade easing freedom out the door in Russia while his thugs bully and kill reporters who try to conduct themselves as actual journalists.

Here’s what Andrei wanted to know. Please tell me whether you think this question was NOT written in the Kremlin.

But this is what I was talking about, exactly this. This is America — the democracy, the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, the freedom to petition your government.

And many people outside would also say, and the, quote/unquote, “freedom” of a deranged mind to react in a violent way is also American. How do you respond to that?

You Americans and your freedom. What’s the matter with you? I assume Russians will be treated to this exchange 24-7 on the television.

And good for Gibbs. He started answering calmly, and then became visibly angry, and ended the briefing once he was finished.

We had people whose lives will be changed forever because of the deranged actions of a madman.

Those are not American. Those are not in keeping with the important bedrock values by which this country was founded and by which its citizens live each and every day of their lives in hopes of something better for those that are here.

Andrei has been around for years. But this is a new low. Andrei’s dual role is as a  journalist and a propagandist. I’m not sure what he’s doing in the White House briefing room.

8 Responses to KGB Appears in White House Briefing Room

  1. My oh my. I didn’t realize the speaker/questioner was a Russian national (us yokels in fly-over country don’t know who sits in the pressers).
    Why shouldn’t he ask that? it’s not a secret that hardly any nation respects us anymore. That the Russians feel free to attack us on our soil with their questions is no different than our Prez allowing the leader of Mexico to stand onthe floor of Congress and accuse our country of racism for not allowing his people to come here and earn money so that they can send American dollars to Mexico.
    How did our Prez resond to that outrage: by sending the Mrs to Mexico to make pretty with MrsMexicanLeader.
    How will we respond to this Russian smarty-pants? We can’t because we’re “great friends” with RasPutin.

  2. The Russians put people acting funny in institutions–of course, by funny they meant acting against the leaders. I do find some fault with our mental health system here…

  3. Andrei Sitov is likely a Mossad mouthpiece, this was clearly a statement to generate press and stir anti-gun sentiment – the last stronghold of Free Americans is the 2nd Amendment – Freedom of Speech is GONE. “Israelification” of the US is nearly complete.

  4. Nobody wants to hear they have an ugly baby, but I think it was a valid question. Sure, Mr. Sitov probably has a hidden agenda, but how many heads of state have been murdered in Canada, or England, or Japan, or Australia? Personal freedom often seems to trump the rights of society as a whole in this country. We can’t even have a conversation about a common-sense approach to gun control without people going into a tizzy and invoking the 2nd Amendment.

    • People who live in big cities, usually want ‘gun control’ because of the criminal element that thrives on large populations.
      The rest of us, who live in suburbs and farmland like to keep guns handy in case of a rogue elephant attack.

  5. Actually we get Russian cable tv, and have not heard this interchange yet. It seems to just be a smartass question and not very smart at all. They have been celebrating ‘Stare Novy God” New Old Year, based on the Julian calendar.

  6. Great point Keith.

    The leopard has not changed his spots.

    The “Soviets” are still very much around; the new KGB is still KGB; the new military is the old military. Nothing has changed except “elections”, and those are fast becoming a stamp for the Old Guard.

    We MUST watch our 6!