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Biden Lands in Pakistan

Having not done any noticeable damage in Afghanistan, Biden moves on the Pakistan. Here’s a sample of one of the pool reports:

After meeting with the U.S. ambassador and other American officials at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Vice President Biden left the diplomatic enclave at 1:19 pm local time. Motorcade rolled through cleared streets and arrived at the presidential palace at 1:25 pm. Pool was allowed in for a photo spray of Biden and Pakistani President Zardari.

The two sat in chairs and made small talk as cameras rolled.  American and Pakistani officials sat in chairs opposite one another. When the press arrived, Biden said to Zardari: “We should act like we know each other.” He added: “I’ve known the president long enough that I used to have hair.” Zardari: “Is he making fun of me?” Biden laughed and ran a hand over his thinning hair. Looking at one of the Pakistani officials, he said: “What are you laughing about?”

We were ushered out after one minute. On the wall was a picture of the slain Pakastan president, Benazir Bhutto.

6 Responses to Biden Lands in Pakistan

  1. Considering that MrBiden is second in line for the Presidency, I wish MrO a healthy and complete term in office. And they were worried about MrsPalin.

  2. We better keep an eye on our people abroad. You know how one big event like Tucson can cover a multitude of actions. Hillary told the Saudis that “we have extremists just like you, someone just shot a member of Congress.” So I guess this guy is now a terrorist with an international agenda.

  3. Im ashamed to have to say this.Even though Joe is running loose in Asia under our name, and minus the occasional remark or gaff,I actually trust him more than when Barry went over there..Barry has zero foreign policy experience running through the gap between those ears and it exits right between them pearly whites..Joe at least will tell them like it is and how its going to be.(For the most part with a twist).Iran is out of control and is hell bent on dragging Lebanon and anyone else down with on its attempt for nuclear weapons..Time to blockade them and the DPRK as well, and get this sorted out once n for all.

    • Finally reading Woodward’s book, Jeff. I’ll tell you what, Biden does have the experience, but he was full speed ahead cut and run on Afghanistan. Obama was much more balanced in his thinking and consideration of various views.

      • A very good book.Though I agree we shouldn’t cut and run,We need to draw down and focus on Pakistan’s tribal areas..We need to swamp them with drones (as we are to a extent,we’ve hit them every day this year)make them think before they come out of them caves..Relentlessly.As far as walking we should lay off the democracy crap a bit but should help them find their own way through schools and rebuilding the society for future generations..I dont thin =k we will be home by 2014,I think we will still have troops there as well as a slim chance of some in Iran by then,though that too can be done by air power..We shall see I guess.Its all pretty scary stuff