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Biden is in Baghdad

From the pool report. Note the elaborate security precautions.

Vice President Biden is in Baghdad.

AF2, which for today is a C-17, was wheels down at 12:43 am local time. (Baghdad is 8 hours ahead of Eastern time.)

Earlier in Islamabad, VPOTUS’s motorcade arrived at Pakistan Air Force Base shortly after 8 pm local time.

One of VPOTUS’s limos pulled up to the traditional blue-and-white AF2 on the tarmac, positioned at the foot of the stairs, which were covered. The other continued on to a C-17 parked mostly out of view to anyone looking at the blue and white AF2. When pool boarded the C-17, VPOTUS was already on board in a steel, trailer-like cabin set up in the middle of the aircraft.

At 8:20 pm the C-17 was wheels up en route to Baghdad.

3 Responses to Biden is in Baghdad

  1. This is a very curious trip for the VP. MrsClinton in Yemen, VP in the other war states, very curious. If either goes to SaudiArabia, bets are that we’re taking on Iran.

    OT: Except for this small oasis of sanity, I can’t read any more on the Internet today. I’m watching cooking shows on the FoodChannel.
    I wish everyone with an opinion on TV would just STFU about the Tuscon tragedy, SarahPalin, PrezO, the right/left wingnuts and gun control.

    • I agree..I completely think thats why Iran took Lebanon to the mat today with Hezbollah and toppled the gov.They wont be stoping in Saudi Arabia though,those meetings just took place here in NYC with The king and Obama.Id watch more for stops in Egypt,and possibly Jordan and Israel..
      Israel is playing possum with the time-line and Iran thinks there’s no chance of them being hit..Bibi and Barak are itchy,with good reason.
      Serious war is coming