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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10:10 am || Meets with Prime Minister Hariri of Lebanon.
12:45 pm || With the first lady, departs White House for Tucson.
3:35 pm || Arrives in Tucson.
8:00 pm || Delivers remarks at a memorial event, “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America.”
9:30 pm || Departs Tucson.
1:30 am || Arrives at the White House.

All times Eastern

4 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 12, 2011

  1. Our State legislators have passed (unanimously) an emergency law that prohibits any demonstrations at funerals or memorials to be at least 300ft away from the site. This is in response to the threat from the radical Baptist congregation that has made themselves notorious by their actions at others funerals.
    By coming to AZ, the Prez is keeping the rhetoric of “who’s to blame” going and won’t do much good to prevent another disturbed person from causing pain and suffering to others.
    As MrO travelled the country last summer, he tried his best to polarize and divide Americans by class, race and political bent. Now, he comes to AZ to bring us together. He must not have noticed that most voting Americans were already together in the last election and nothing has changed since then.

  2. I wish we could stop assigning names to every event held. “Together We Thrive”? Come on! I’m surprised it’s not called the “Tostitos Together We Thrive Memorial”. Sorry for the cynicism.