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White House: Obama is All Over the Tucson Tragedy

As you grieve over the horrifying events in Tucson, in which Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) was shot and six others, including a nine year old, were killed, the White House wants you to know one thing: Obama is all over this.

Stung by his slow response to previous crises, including the Gulf oil spill and last year’s Christmas Day airplane bombing attempt, the White House is making damn sure Obama gets the jump on this particular national trauma.

Obama made a statement Saturday, just hours after the shooting. Obama called everyone he could think of and dispatched FBI Director Robert Mueller to Tucson to PERSONALLY investigate the murders. The White House has already spit out two photos of the president dealing with the crisis.

The president will lead the nation this morning in a national moment of silence. He canceled a Tuesday trip to Schenectedy, NY. I would expect him to fly to Tucson sometime this week.

And Obama spent five hours Saturday, following his statement, partying and watching football at Valerie Jarrett’s home.

Sorry, please ignore that last one.

They just can’t get it completely right. But they’re closer this time.

The White House photos:

Obama in the Situation Room meeting on the Tuscon shooting.
Obama takes part in a Situation Room conference call concerning the Tuscon shooting

Obama Speaks with Arizona Gov. Brewer about the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.)

10 Responses to White House: Obama is All Over the Tucson Tragedy

  1. From the comments made by some political pundits and some of the MSM, one must assume that the Prez is hoping that the Fibbies will find the fatal communication from one of the Palins to the troubled shooter.
    Or, maybe a connection between MsBristolPalin buying a home in AZ and a nefarious cabal of mind-bending right-wing racist gun-loving constitutional-obsessors who-want-to- end-civilization-as-we-know-it Islamaphobe anti-immigration nutwings that drove the shooter to his evil deed.
    Shame on them all for using this tragedy to further their political aims.

  2. Obama is checking himself in the mirror making sure he looks the part and that his button is done correctly.

    Of course, he wants to exploit the situation for his political advantage but the story begins and ends with two words: Paranoid schizophrenia.

  3. And Obama spent five hours Saturday, following his statement, partying and watching football at Valerie Jarrett’s home.

    Why should they miss their fun just because a nine-year-old child, a member of Congress, and a group of citizens were killed as they exercised their right of free assembly and participated in the the government process? Them Chicago types gotta have their fun and it was all planned before the massacre, so poor scheduling on the part of the dead people.

    Obama just can’t wait to get away from the White House again. A set of murders is the perfect opportunity for him to travel and get in some political points.

  4. I feel shallow but when I saw the pic of Obama on the phone with Gov. Brewer I though that’s one way to get him to call. And no I am not calling for mass murder to get the president’s attention.

    • We had a letter to the ed this AM in the AZ Republic saying Brewer was a huge part of the “problem.” Eyeroll. Yeah, everyone in AZ is a hater, would shoot on sight, is fresh out of the bin or whatever…all we need is to see a rally about deficits and all bets are off!