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Obama and the Tucson Tragedy

I wrote a piece for POLITICO this morning, the gist of which is that Obama as president needs to rise above his fellow Democrats who are indicting free speech and the Tea Party as the culprits of the mass killings in Tucson. You can read it here.

Here are a couple of quotes to give you the gist of it.

The suggestion that the words of tea party adherents are to blame for unconscionable violence is ironically as divisive and provocative as the rhetoric being criticized. Culpability seems to have been assigned even before it is clear whether anything much more than a deranged man’s paranoid psychosis is the cause.

We cannot fail to speak our minds passionately because some unstable person may take the rhetoric to an illogical extreme. Strong political language is a normal part of the American public discourse, and the president has engaged in plenty of it himself.

As president of the entire country, Obama must speak for all of us. He must reject – or at least not join – the diatribes that now are blaming the shootings on people who are loudly and often acerbically giving voice to their genuine frustration during a time of economic despair.

If Obama is the least bit serious about his post-Election Day vow to push the reset button on his drive for bipartisanship, he must unite the country by showing that he is the president — not the partisan pol he was during the campaign.

The president does not need to frame the tea party as an extremist hive of haters. He’ll have plenty of people to do that for him.

19 Responses to Obama and the Tucson Tragedy

  1. I totally, totally agree! Of course, SrDem and I are being called on (at least I am) to defend our state–that sheriff relieved himself of the opinion that Arizona was the Mecca of bigotry and prejudice–like is this your job, to analyze, bud? People went to that meeting to question govt–are we supposed to stop that because world-class thinkers like Paul Krugman say it means people will start shooting? There is no logic here, and yes, the other side has said many imprudent things, created enemy lists, etc. Americans are emotional–this is just a fact.

    • Oh, and might I add that it is darn hard to “commit” someone, get them “help” etc when the person acting questionably is an adult. Should that be changed? Should all guns be taken away? Why do we always come up with these sweeping conclusions when something like this happens? Boehner said life is risk! Life IS risk!

  2. Since watching these events unfold, I am not suprised that the Marxist-left in this country has now begun to blame Gov. Palin, the right, Glenn Beck, FOX News as “arbiters of hate and vitriol”. Sheriff Nincompoop in Pima County is fanning the flames of hatred against the right as has Olbermann, Krugman and other members of the ash and trash.

    Real hatred, racism and bigotry resides on the left, and is spewed by the usual mouths who rap themselves in the blanket of political correctness while tying conservatives to the post of PC and whip them about the face with chages of “hate speech.”

    I even read this morning the usual filfth in D.C. have come out and are now attempting to ban all handguns (especially “the Glock, the murder weapon”) because Loughner chose this weapon in the commission of his crime.

    Boehner, Cantor and others need to STAND UP and sound off against the Marxist, anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-freedom left wing in this nation and BE LOUD.

    • Welcome back Tom! They do need to stand up. They need to say this is terrible, but we can’t all crap in our pants and start changing the way we act because of this maniac. Also glad you did some research and found the Sheriffs real name.

  3. A fine, thought out piece and words that should be heeded by this WH.

    What’s missing from the ‘blame the TeaParty’ meme is why this grassroots upheaval was born: the massive, unpopular HealthCare reform that threatens every one of us in many ways. This wasn’t a single political party movement, it removed both Dems and Repubs from office because of their unwillingness to heed the public’s concerns.

    O.T.: AZ used to be a quiet, unassuming state of 2 large cities, lots of farmland and teeny towns. Mostly Whites and Hispanics living together without any issues for years until we became the funnel for illegal aliens and the illegal drug trade. Now….whew!

    • I can’t think of a more level-headed, hard-working, disciplined, hardy folk than Arizonans (Arizonians?) It is sad that the left-wing media (along with Sheriff Dubnik) are categorizing Arizonan’s as kooks. I live in Texas, but I love the freedom and independent streak that runs through these people. They are not racist, but simply hardworking Americans who get up like the rest of us and work their tails off to make a living. And like Texas, there has never been any racial antipathy … until it was stirred up by the ACLU, lawyers, the left wing Marxist media and the Communist professors on campus.

      • Right on! I see a “cowboy” in the hat someplace every time I go out. We drive my horses even in this suburb. We are different, but not crazed killers that need to be sued and schooled.

        • I meant–BY horses, not my horses…but this did remind me of when I first decided to come here to take care of Mom…I went on the internet to look at house prices (ah, those were good times) and it kept saying “Horse Property,” “Horse Property.” I began to tumble to the fact that I was going someplace different.

    • Thanks srdem. And exactly, an excellent point. If you’re going to argue that politics provokes violence – and I don’t – how about passing a massive, unpopular bill that will change everyone’s lives?

      • It’s interesting as more information unfolds on Loughner.

        A personal classmate of his describes him as a “left-wing pothead.” Take someone who is criminally insane, add marijuana, left-wing politics, throw in Marx (courtesy of Pima County Community College), his manifesto and mix with some type of severe addiction to dreams, incantations, the dream-state (all 60’s and 70’s feel good “ism’s” created by the left) and you have a left-wing terrorist.

        • Are we snaring in the Community College now…His math teracher tried to throw him out for writing weird stuff on his papers and acting out, but the admin would not let him. That’s it! They are to blame! I also read this murderer asked her something about grammar at the 2007 Congress on the Corner thing they both attended and she was confused (as who would not be?) and answered in Spanish–and he stayed FURIOUS for THREE YEARS plotting her murder. Probably during algebra class. See how nutty all this is?

  4. A few things I took note of during this yet-another embarassing political joke…

    1) The fact that the lefties are now assuming that even references to firearms are wrong. The campaign map ‘bullseyes’ by Palin (never mind that lefties do it too) are encouraging people to go off the deep end. Where does it end? Let’s outlaw menacing words; need subcomittees to generate lists of dubious words… Cartoons now ALL have to go. No more good guys and bad guys. Hollywood is out-of business. We all need meds to calm us, which is handy now that the gubmint is so close to being able to require this…. But I rant…

    And now elected officials are trying to vote themselves to become even more elite; Special TSA handling for congress members… No no no no no!! This does not sound at all like “…government of the people, by the people, for the people”. Sounds like Animal Farm…

    Massive pay and budget cuts to elected officials; restructure their retirement to include them in social security, that would be a start… How did this get so out-of-hand???