As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Dinner With Val

President Obama and the Misses motorcaded out to the Washington residence of adviser and pal Valerie Jarrett.

The press pool is outside having pizza. Anybody got any ideas about what the Obama’s are chowing on Chez Jarrett? Maybe she just threw something together.

Postscript: Dinner lasted five hours and seems to have ended about the same time a couple NFL playoff games did.

16 Responses to Dinner With Val

  1. This is how he spent the night of “this unspeakable” tragedy.

    The shooter was a classic paranoid schizo and no one should be talking about the politics. (He wrote that the government is using mind control on us through grammar) Apparently, many on the left are blaming the Tea Party. Nothing like exploiting this horrible crime to further your own agenda.

    Why is the House postponing votes because of this crime? Are they going to change the laws that prevent families from forcing their adult mentally ill children into treatment?

    • Exactly, granny.. Any one of us can get in the way of a nut job going postal. To see the hash the left wing is making of this is disgraceful.
      Why this young man who had a record of bizarre behavior, was walking among us, with a gun, speaks more to the social services system and law enforcement, than it does to politics.
      Obie seeking Valjar and football to assauge his distress, is classic.
      This man has the emotional makeup of a doorknob.

    • The shooter was a classic paranoid schizo and no one should be talking about the politics

      Our paper already printed a letter saying Palin has crosshairs on her website…and so it begins. I had nightmares all nite–this is so ghastly. Man… But it could happen ANYWHERE–just happened to be in the Great Hated State of AZ. As for Din din at Cal’s–it would have been appropriate to postpone–but what do I know?

    • When I first heard of this shooting, I was appalled and tears came to my eyes for the sheer humanity and loss of life. The more we learn about the victims and the shooter, the sadder this story becomes.
      And yet, I, too, watched the 2 football playoff games.