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Daley’s Response To His Last Appointment: Collapse

The first triumph of William Daley, who will be the new White House Chief of Staff, was not to repeat the performance he staged last time he was selected to a major administration post.

Below are some moving pictures showing Mr. Daley at his nomination ceremony to be Bill Clinton’s Commerce Secretary in 1996. You’ll notice that as Bill Richardson pontificates along, Daley gets that look in his eyes and heads straight for the floor. This is a perfectly normal reaction having to listening to Bill Richardson, but really, Daley should have been more polite.

You’ll notice that as Daley tumbles to the ground, Richardson looks like he thinks he might be under attack, which is another reasonable response to having to listen to Richardson. Al Gore comes to Daley’s rescue, quickly escorting him to a place where he can get treatment, or at the very least cause no further embarassment.  Dr. Bill Clinton diagnoses a fainting spell and assures everybody Daley is fine, when for all he knows a brain tumor has seized half of Daley’s cerebellum.

Anyway, Clinton turned out to be right.

3 Responses to Daley’s Response To His Last Appointment: Collapse

  1. The excitement of being named Commerce Secretary and knowing that you’ll be living in DC must be awesome.
    CNN’s MrKing reports that MrDaley pushed MrGibbs out the door and is planning to clip MsJarrett’s wings. If true, then MrDaley was brought in to the WH as a political ‘mechanic’ rather than a political pusher.
    IMO, the next to ‘retire’ is MrHolder who has brought undue attention to the JusticeDept as a social justice advocate, rather than a legal justice enforcer.
    MrsClinton looks exhausted and between the WikiLeaks and the Muslim attitude towards any woman that hampers any message she might bring, she’s probably next to retire.