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Gibbs Appears Likely to Leave White House

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs appears headed toward the White House door to begin life as an outside adviser to President Obama, according to various reports.

Speculation had been that Gibbs would take a senior White House position. But that now appears less likely.

In his new role on the outside, Gibbs would help steward the reelection campaign, appear on TV to defend and promote Obama, and possibly be involved in setting up some type of apparatus that could collect money and use it to pay for an air war against Republicans.

Gibbs’ decision isn’t final, but White House officials don’t appear to be pushing back on the notion that he is all be set to leave the building.

Gibbs is personally close to Obama and would likely stay in close direct touch with the president.

1 thought on “Gibbs Appears Likely to Leave White House”

  1. It is generally a mistake to put your friends in positions of authority regardless of their competency for the job. The Obama administration has been micro-managed from the top and the inner-circle of long time friends hasn’t worked to the WH’s best advantage.
    If MrGibbs is actually leaving his current post, there are a multitude of PR people who could handle the job better than he does.

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