As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

WHD Now Through New Year’s

With the president mostly out of view in Hawaii, I will probably only be writing no more than once a day until Tuesday, Jan. 4, in order both to take a little break, but also to work on some new features I want to add to the website and other technical issues.

Unless something infuriates me, in which case I will post more often. It could happen.

Have a very happy holiday.

3 Responses to WHD Now Through New Year’s

  1. Even though the Prez isn’t in DC, he manages to produce more irritating outrageous news; by-passing Congress to install a doofus who believes that the 911 terrorist attack was just an ordinary criminal act, my peers and I can now have our very own doctor get paid by the gov’t to decide if our lives are worth living, unemployment will jump next month due to Christmas layoffs, foreclosures will continue to climb, fuel prices are rising causing everything we can touch to rise in cost too and global warming is causing all of us to turn up the furnace or look for a shovel.
    If the political pundits thought the American public was P.O’d in November, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
    Have a nice holiday, stay warm and dry.

  2. Happy New Year to you, thanks for doing what you do, blah blah. With that out of the way, when you’re addressing technical issues can you check what’s up with your RSS feed via Feedburner? It hasn’t updated since your “Mrs. Obama’s Separate Hawaii Travel Likely Costs at Least $63,000” post on December 22. Thanks!

    (BTW, I read your articles via my newsreader but almost always visit the site to read comments so I don’t completely short you of page views.)