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NEWS FLASH: Obama Opts for Late Checkout

The president isn’t leaving for Washington until 8:45 pm Hawaii time. He’s already had a workout and is plotting out the rest of the day.

I gather he’ll sleep on the redeye home. But I can’t imagine tomorrow is going to be very productive.

8 Responses to NEWS FLASH: Obama Opts for Late Checkout

  1. Really? I think he’s going to make it 60 today. This vacation has been very private. His gurus are trying to protect his image more than in the past although the photos of his eating a slurpee shaved ice looked very goofy.

  2. No need to hurry back to the mainland.
    Nothing much going on here except 2 wars, massive unemployment, historic numbers of people on food stamps, , long lines of shoppers at HomeDepot buying pitchforks and flame throwers, and Congressional leaders shortening one leg on the “witness” chairs in the hearing rooms. Same old.

  3. Better off staying there,why go where you are not wanted..
    and your other commenter left out Pakistan falling apart,the DPRK,Iran,his garbage health care plan,and all the appointments he slid in while no one was looking over the break.

    Barry is actually starting to make Carter look good,now that’s pretty sad.

  4. Good thing he’s his own boss. If he had my boss he’d have to answer for extending his vacation and then for extending it further. Must be nice to not have anyone to answer to when it comes to your job.

      • Another year. I feel like I am slooowly being dragged to the gallows…I will perk up, don’t worry. Amusingly, someone at the NYT has written an op-ed about how dogs don’t really do much for you–things could be worse, I could be that guy!