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Obama Extends His Hawaii Vacation

Are we having fun yet?

Yes. Too much to let go. President Obama has decided to delay his departure from Hawaii for two days, leaving Monday instead of Saturday.

Obama Blue HawaiiCan’t say I blame him. If I could get 12 days instead of ten in Hawaii I surely would.

This means he’ll get almost his whole scheduled two weeks, which had been cut to about 10 days. He left Wednesday, Dec. 22 instead of Saturday, Dec. 18 because Congress hadn’t finished up its work yet.

Michelle, who left right on time Saturday on her own government jet at a cost to taxpayers likely well in excess of $100,000, will now get a 16 day vacation, on top of several others she took during the year.

“After the extended lame duck and five-day delay of his trip here, he’s just trying to squeeze in more time with his family before returning to Washington,” said White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton.

This seems off by a day to me – it was a four day delay as far as I can tell.

19 Responses to Obama Extends His Hawaii Vacation

  1. The O’s can stay as long as they like, weeks or months. No need to hurry back.
    The new Speaker of the House and company will take care of things in DC while they’re out of town.

    • As Obama said about Cap’n’Trade, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” He plans to skin that cat through executive order now, I believe.

      He’s having fun skinning the Constitution and the people.

  2. I suspect Michelle left on time because she had some liposuction and plastic surgery appointments scheduled. Perhaps the family is returning late bec it is taking longer to recover than she expected?

  3. Anyone get to personally experience the Obama’s in Hawaii? I was born and raised in Hawaii, just minutes away from Obama’s new favorite vacation spot and I think Obama should find somewhere else to vacation or stick to the military bases like past presidents. The Obama’s decision to stay in Kailua instead of at an already secured military facility ties up air space in Kailua and clogs up already dense holiday traffic all over the island. Local businesses that depend on the air space lose vital revenue and residents are continuously inconvenienced by road closures and slow-ups.

    I’d like to know how much Hawaii has benefited or been harmed economically by the Obama’s being here. Personally, I’d be okay if he found another island and stopped doubling my drive time.

    Moreover, it’s gonna be great trying to catch my flight tomorrow morning with the potential airport delays caused by the Obama’s leaving too.