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Gibbs: Obama Quits Smoking. Are We Sure?

Oh boy. I really hate to do this. Seems like I’m always raining on Obama’s parade.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the other day on the TV set that President Obama quit smoking about nine months ago, in honor of the health care bill.

Go ahead and take a look-see.

Discussing the president’s technique, Gibbs said he had used “stubborn willpower.”

This is wonderful news, and I do applaud the president for not smoking.

It’s been hard for him. I remember when he was asked early in his presidency if he still smoked, and he said something like, “I have not smoked in the White House.”

That was a little misleading, a kind of Clintonism which merely meant he was stepping outside to do it lest Michelle start rapping his head.

But now it seems his stopped smoking EVERYWHERE. Except – oh no – it also turns out he’s using Nicorette to supplement his stubborn willpower, according to Gibbs.


What the president has done is switched nicotine delivery devices. It’s a step in the right direction, since I suppose this product works sometimes, but Obama hasn’t really kicked the habit.

Listen, I’m not trying to be a jerk. I mean, not very much. I really, really hope he can quit. And I empathize. Getting off nicotine is one of the hardest things for people to do. I mean, rats will, like, chew off their own legs to get their fix in the lab, as I remember reading.

So good luck, Mr. President. I mean it. And Robert, let us know when he’s off the gum.

H/T to politisite, where I first found the CNN post.

9 thoughts on “Gibbs: Obama Quits Smoking. Are We Sure?”

      1. BULLY FOR YOU!!! Truth is, I talk a good game but much harder in practice than it looks. Lately, the RESTORATION HARDWARE crowd is hammering me on my DADT cartoon w/ the gay stereotypes and (to you) I’ll admit, I can appreciate their point but for chrissake, this is the zenith of social engineering for the few at the expense of the many not to mention a minor detail called, NATIONAL SECURITY. -but, according to these towel snappers (I’m on a roll), I’m a repressed gay man. Happy ’11. -ML

        1. Restoration Hardware crowd, towel snappers… hmm. It’s big bad internet–once you set sail on it…people will…er think whatever they want and probably say it.

        2. You mean the DADT recruitment cartoon? Oh please. I think it’s dangerous for us to lose our sense of humor about ourselves in this country. That’s what’s really pernicious, not your cartoon. Why don’t we then start burning all available Monty Python CDs and banning about 40 Saturday Night Live reruns?

          In my experience – I did plenty of time in the restaurant business – gay people in the real world have the most wicked sense of humor, and it applies to themselves and their own stereotypes as well. Just ignore the self-righteous few and politically correct. I’ve worked with many openly, and even flamboyantly gay people, and my guess is they’d find your depictions hilarious, though they would disagree with the suggestion that DADT should not be repealed.

  1. We’re all grownups here. The Prez drinks and smokes. Parties and golfs.
    Eats all manner of non-Michelle-approved vittles. Maybe he likes a little poker or puts a bet down on a sports event. Checks out the hotties as they walk by.
    Give him a break, he lives with his mother-in-law and she goes everywhere he does and will until the day she leaves this earth.

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