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Obama Attends Church in Hawaii. Then Golf.

President Obama, who rarely finds himself inside a chapel, made sure to get himself to church today after not going Christmas Eve of Christmas Day.

Obama failed to attend church last Christmas. This year, it emerged that about a fifth of Americans think the president is a Muslim, so he’s been wearing his religion a little bit more on his sleeve.

He’s still way more likely to be on a golf course than in a pew on Sundays. But today, he made it to church.

The facility is on a Marine base near the compound on Oahu, where he is staying. His family and some friends are with him.

From the pool report:

Chaplain also told of how he went for a routine physical and was told he might have a heart problem. He was told he needed to go to go for surgery and testing in Bethesda. While at the hospital he said he asked “Why doesn’t God just heal me?” His heart surgery was intensive but he came out healthy. He said maybe the reason God put him through that surgery was so that if he were ever preaching to a president, he wouldn’t have a heart attack. (Parishioners laughed.)

And then, once church was out, Obama headed straight for the golf course

4 Responses to Obama Attends Church in Hawaii. Then Golf.

  1. Hey, that church thing was pander and punishment in one outing. My favorite. First, he did it for appearances, then he had to hear that anecdote. Voila!