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Census Costs Obama Six Electoral Votes

The shift of the population from the North and Northeast to the South and the West recorded in the 2010 census means Obama would have won six fewer electoral votes in the 2008 election, suggesting a slightly tougher road ahead toward reelection.

States like New York, Massachusetts and Illinois, reliable Obama strongholds, will have fewer electoral votes in 2012. The gain in Texas is the biggest deal for Obama’s GOP opponent, with a win there meaning four more electoral votes than in 2008.

Now, a major reason for the shift is the increasing Hispanic population in these states. But Obama still ain’t winning states like Texas, Utah, or South Carolina, all of which gained votes.

This certainly wouldn’t have helped John McCain, who would have gotten swamped anyway. And it probably won’t make a difference in 2012. But it could.

The changes will also of course mean better odds of Republicans holding or increasing their gains in the House. The Washington Post has a good interactive map showing which states pick up and which lose House seats in 2012.

4 thoughts on “Census Costs Obama Six Electoral Votes”

  1. It seem like we in Western MA will lose one of our two moonbats, Olver or Neal. I’d like to see Olver go of the two. Western MA is now one of the most liberal areas of the state and the country after a moonbat invasion similar to Vermonts. We used to have the only Republican in MA, Silvio Conte.

  2. The Dems lost Ohio in the last election and despite all the knowledgeable pundits, yes, it was a vote against Obama. Should he run he will not win again, no matter what color the state. He has no base left.

    Arizona, so red it bleeds, full of gun-totin’, bible-totin’ conservatives almost kicked SenMcCain to the curb until he wised up. The powers-that-be here allow Dems to run for a few seats so that the Repubs have a reason to raise campaign cash.
    But, I love it here and keep a loaded shotgun behind the door. Just in case.

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