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Was Obama All Wrong About Republicans?

This is really weird.

Obama spent the two months before Election Day accusing Republicans of having a master plan to destroy him.

The plotting, he said, began no later than the day he took office, when Republicans decided not to cooperate on anything and to actually allow the economy to go to pieces, all in order to ruin him.

Obama, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell
Look out for the trap door on your way out, jackass.

You remember. While Obama was down in the ditch trying to get the car out, Republicans were slipping Slurpees. It wasn’t a casual, occasional charge. Actually, Obama used the term “Slurpee” 36 times during appearances this year.

We thought the president’s charges of massive GOP callousness might be, you know, more vicious invective than objective clinical diagnosis. And it turns out we might have been right.

Because if Republicans are willing to let America lapse into the economic apocalypse merely to screw Obama, WHY DID THEY JUST AGREE TO AN $858 BILLION TAX DEAL WITH HIM?

This seems designed to prop up the economy, which of course is going to HELP OBAMA, not HURT OBAMA. And they gave Obama several things he wanted, including an extension of unemployment benefits until the year 2314 or so.

One of two things might have happened.

1. Republicans decided, “Hey, this Obama fellow is not so bad after all. Why are we making his life miserable? Let’s do something to help the American people, even if it ends up making Obama look good.


2. Somebody else was having trouble compromising and wanted to use GOP support for extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy against Republicans, willing to put the economy at risk while hoping the call to class warfare would resound with voters. When that didn’t work and Democrats were slaughtered on Election Day, this person discovered “the nature of compromise.” just in time to keep taxes from going up while the recovery is still fragile.

I’m thinking.

2 Responses to Was Obama All Wrong About Republicans?

  1. You mean the Republicans don’t want the country to fail and their kids and grandkids to live in Water World Without the Water and pay for their gruel with little gold bars?