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Another Press Conference on the Way

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today suggested an end of the year press conference by President Obama is a very good bet.

Obama, who in the past has gone months without holding a news conference, had junked that strategy in favor of one that calls for holding constant news conferences. He’s come before the press in a formal manner to respond – answer is too strong a word – to their questions four times since his Election Day emasculation Nov. 2.

One Response to Another Press Conference on the Way

  1. Dear MrO,
    When you’re done signing whatever the lame-duck congress passes, put you pens back in the desk, close the door to the OvalOffice on your way out and head West to Hawaii.
    We’re not that into you anymore this year.
    Start fresh in 2011 with a new attitude.
    One of the small people.