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Obama Hawaii Vacation Delayed Indefinitely

Oh boy. Cancel the luau. Obama ain’t coming until next week.

Congress yesterday approved a bill keeping the government in business until Tuesday, which gives you some idea when they expect to finish up. Obama can’t possibly leave while they’re still at work for the people. And Gibbs suggested Friday he’ll be briefing next week.

Obama wearing lei and grass skirt
Obama relaxes during his 2009 trip trip to Hawaii

President Obama was scheduled to leave today for a two week Hawaiian escape. But that’s all over. Michelle must be furious.

This is what Obama gets from Harry Reid for saving his job.  Though I suppose if Reid lost he would never let Congress go home.

I’m one who thinks our president needs to take time off. I suppose ten days should do it, but not less. He needs to make important decisions that effect all of our lives, even if you think he was born in Tanzania.

And contrary to the public perception, Obama is not over-vacationed. Particularly compared to President Bush, who was significantly over-vacationed. Obama is a little over-golfed, but not over-vacationed.

Congress’s failure to get its work done is a case of gross incompetence. It’s just a failure to set and keep deadlines. Reid and Pelosi need to spend some time in the self-help section at Barnes & Noble.

Ried tried to wrap like 57 unpassed appropriations bills – one for each state – into an fully opaque omnibus spending measure. Thank God is was derailed.

10 Responses to Obama Hawaii Vacation Delayed Indefinitely

    • Agreed. We wouldn’t be upset if he stayed on vacation for a month, 2 months.
      MrsO could stay as long as she wants, too. As for her supposed disappointment that her husband won’t be joining the family for a short while, maybe she can consider the support staff that goes with them and they won’t be with their families either.
      They’ll be working. 5,000 miles from home.

  1. There is a new game in DC called We’re Watching All of You and everyone who’s up for re-election in 2012 is in the game. The Dems overstepped the boundry between good governing and doing whatever they wanted regardless of the wishes of their constituents.
    The disaster of the Omnibus spending bill (made awful by the some of the same legislators who voted against it’s passing) is just one more bad move by our elected officals who consider themselves all-knowing and above the small people.
    It’s not easy being a life-long Dem now living in an ultra-conservative state (AZ) where some people still geneflect at the mention of BarryGoldwater’s name and time. Voting with my convictions instead of my party was a new experience. For the first time in years, I didn’t have to hold my nose while casting my vote. So, we’ll see how this new and improved Congress works out in next year. We’ll be watching.

  2. What’s happened to your site, Keith? It looks like someone took scissor to it and scattered it all over the screen. Every other site looks normal on my computer — have you moved into deconstructionist design?