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Obama Heads Out to Read His Book to Kids

Whoops. He’s suddenly flown the coop, headed to an elementary school in Arlington, Va. to read to about 90 second graders, many the children of military families.

And guess what he’s reading. None other than his own writings, the latest bestseller, “Of Thee I Sing,” a kids book in the form of a letter to his daughters telling them – and any kids who read the book – how wonderful they are.

Obama Of thee I sing

The idea is to highlight a list of “great” Americans who each exemplify certain laudable characteristics. The chapter, “Have I Told You that You are Creative?” talks about Georgia O’Keefe, and so forth.

Obama continues to make little effort to keep his daughters away from his political brand, which inevitably imbues everything he does. I think it’s a mistake.

The profits of this one go to charity.

The book is not the least bit politically correct, as Obama includes Al Capone, Newt Gingrich, Robert E. Lee and Pete Rose among those profiled.

Yahh, you gotta be kidding me. Here’s the list:

Georgia O’Keefe, Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Cesar Chavez (of course), Sitting Bull, Billie Holiday, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Maya Lin (she designed the Vietnam Memorial, remember? No?), Martin Luther King Jr., and Neil Armstrong.

Want it for Christmas anyway? Here.

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12 Responses to Obama Heads Out to Read His Book to Kids

  1. The book must not be selling very well. BO’s as bad as me pimping his own stuff. I was looking at the photos of this event and the kid’s looked unenthused compared to his usual audiences in DC. He’s probably bored, too. They’re all waiting for Christmas cookies that the WH supplies for these events despite the new healthy eating law.

  2. I’m convinced. BO has the emotional maturity of a ten year old.
    Q How much fun is it just going around — running around the White House all day?

    THE PRESIDENT: You know, the truth is, I run around a lot in the White House, but most of the time I’m working. So it’s not like I’m just running around having fun. But sometimes it’s fun. Because the White House — how many people have visited the White House? So it’s a pretty — it’s a beautiful building, and there’s a big yard in the back called the South Lawn. So a lot of times I walk Bo at night, and that’s fun. Sometimes I run around with Bo, although I have to — sometimes I have to scoop up his poop.

    Q Ew!

    THE PRESIDENT: Because I don’t want to just leave it in the lawn. So if you guys have a dog, you got to walk your dog too and clean up after him a little bit.

    All right, guys, I’ve got to get going. Merry Christmas, everybody! Happy holidays!

    Q Merry Christmas!

    THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thank you.

  3. The WH didn’t cut it out of the video. They don’t think it is a big deal. I suppose with our media it won’t be. I’ll make a video of both aspects of his visit anyhow. I asked my daughter about it and my grandaughter heard me and went eew just like the kids did. My daughter said bathroom talk is a no no. Her husband is an Obamabot so I wouldn’t expect her to say much even though she voted for McCain.