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Will You Act Decisively in Korea, Mr. President?

The world is not watching Korea closely enough. People hardly realize that a major war could break out anytime, and that we’ll be squarely in the middle of it.

South Korea will any day now embark on regular military exercises right next to the North Korean border. North Korea has promised a military response.

They probably won’t do that. But they might. I assume there will be pressure on the Kim family not to look weak as power begins to transition from the Dear Leader to his son, The Little Jerk.

Last month, when North Korea rained missiles down on the same South Korean island where this week’s exercises will take place, the South was restrained from responding by the United States.

This time, South Korea will respond. Part of the reason Washington restrained the South last time was probably that we wanted to be ready in case of an escalation. This time we will be ready.

Militarily, at least. Politically, who knows?

The president will not have the luxury spending months deciding to put 30,000 troops into Afghanistan. He’ll have to react swiftly to an escalating situation. He will have to decide whether to launch the massive response we have ready for North Korea.

I think there is a chance we are going to use any North Korean attack as a pretext to get rid of the regime once and for all. This will be easier done than said. That is, everyone speaks about the North as if it has impressive military capabilities. I doubt they have been feeding their soldiers much more than everyone else in the starving nation.

The risks are great. But the risks of not acting may be greater. Eventually, someone will launch a nuclear weapon that says “Made in Pyongyang” on it. Proliferation is a profitable family business for the Kims.

The prospect of a nuclear weapon smuggled to some bad guys or landing on our West Coast courtesy of North Korea’s improving missiles is intolerable.

Taking out North Korea could cause Iran to fold up its nukes. I doubt it, but it could happen.

We will need to act quickly and overwhelmingly. No hedging, like we are doing in Afghanistan.

President Obama, can you do this?

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  1. The Pentagon would be all over this conflict with an enemy that actually wears an identifiable uniform. Traditional warfare, even with the StarWars technology, would be a welcome exercise after years of fighting goat herders and cave-dwelling ghosts. The pressure on MrO would be tremendous and he would have to move decisively and quickly.
    The threat of a nuclear disaster has everyone nervous. Let’s hope if it comes to conflict that Russia will lend a hand.

    • I agree, the Pentagon is ready for this. I’m familiar with what is publicly known about our war plans, and this won’t take long. A really big problem is that it could be brutal for Seoul, but less so than previously. We may be be able to substantially mitigate it. The only mortal threat to the United States is the spread of nuclear weapons. North Korea is committed to doing just this. I think that if North Korea gives us the pretext, we have to take it out. And I hate to say it.

    • There will be many casualties, it is true, but millions will not be killed. The plan is for a massive, preemptive attack on North Korean forces. It’s different than even a decade ago. Our and the South’s advantages are much more pronounced. But millions of civilians will be killed if North Korea is allowed to continue exporting nuclear technology to places like Syria, Iran, and God knows where else. Or if we wait five years while North Korea builds up its nuclear arsenal. This is a very hard truth, and I don’t like it, but I don’t see an alternative. We’ve been waiting for decades for the DPRK to implode or for China to rein it in. Not going to happen.

      • We have talked about this matter on here before,and as awful as it sounds(and it does) the DPRK needs to be dealt with swiftly and promptly. Yes a 100,000 dead is disgusting,but say we go along the path we are now and in 3 years have to do it..Then a couple million will have died from starvation or outright murder or imprisonment, not to mention the fact of a war then could mean a nuclear exchange that kills millions more.

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    • I’ve seen this blog but I don’t follow it and don’t know the author. I’m sorry you felt you had to take your video down. I mean, if it’s either accurate or satire, why should you remove it? What can they do to you? You should thank her for the publicity. I don’t think they will mess with you on YouTube – that could cause them really big problems.

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      • Thanks, Unfortunately it’s very easy to be banned from You Tube. All people have to do is to keep clicking the abuse button or find copyright infringement. That’s why most people have several accounts.

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