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Obama Makes Jon Bon Jovi His Adviser

With the death of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, President Obama had appointed former rock star Jon Bon Jovi to be a senior White House adviser.

Okay, the appointment has nothing to do with Holbrooke. And it’s not a senior position. Man, everybody likes to get into the weeds on things when I’m having a little fun.

In fact, Bon Jovi is but one of two dozen members of the newly established White House Council for Community Solutions.  According to the White House  .  . .

The Council will provide advice to the President on the best ways to mobilize citizens, nonprofits, businesses and government to work more effectively together to solve specific community needs.

Oh boy, I’m already asleep. My belief is Bon Jovi has been appointed mainly to ensure that council members show up for meetings and to make this whole exercise more cool for Obama.

I think Bon Jovi has been doing the Serious Rock Star bit the last few years. But everyone knows that you cannot be taken seriously with a name like Jon Bon Jovi. It just sounds too stupid.

Anyway, he’ll probably go into politics soon.

“Senator Bon Jovi? Senator Bon Jovi votes aye . . . “

4 Responses to Obama Makes Jon Bon Jovi His Adviser

  1. Out here Alice Cooper (speaking of names) made the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame–but as far as I know, he’s not taking over as an ambassador anyplace or anything.