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Obama Meets with Buffett, Bill Gates

Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates gathered at the White House today with President Obama to mourn imminent congressional enactment of legislation maintaining tax cuts on rich people like the five of them.

Buffett cried briefly during the Oval Office meeting, but was cheered when Obama informed him that he could simply write a check to the Treasury for, like, a lot.

Buffett was immediately cheered, and said he had left his checkbook at home but that he’d get the check in the mail as fast as you can start up a Mac. After some nervous laughter, Gates gamely changed the  subject, asking the president to pressure automakers to start manufacturing luxury class hybrid automobiles.

Later, Obama escorted his guest to the State Dining Room to steal some silverware.

“It’s so cool being president,” Obama told reporters after the meeting. “Yesterday, the Lakers. Today, these legendary rich dudes. I can call Tiger Woods today and tomorrow he’d be with me on the White House putting green. Damn.”

The White House later told reporters the meeting, which was not announced beforehand, included discussion of “The Giving Pledge,” which is “the initiative they launched earlier this year that invites the wealthiest individuals and families in America to commit to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.”

Buffett and Gates promised to get first-rate urologists for those they kicked in the nuts on the way up.

Obama also took suggestions on what the Hell to do about the economy.

8 Responses to Obama Meets with Buffett, Bill Gates

  1. Bored uber-rich people looking for something worthwhile to do visit the not-as-rich POTUS to convince him to give away half of his money, too.
    Sorta like, er, since MrO wants to redistribute the wealth, he could set an example by redistributing his own money to some of the unemployed.

    Mr&MrsGates could make headlines by giving me back the money that I spent on their now obsolete products.

  2. The Wall Street Journal has a pretentious mag called WSJ (really worked on that name) and it had some stuff in it about Buffett–how he met some gal he plays bridge with and she talked him into getting a computer–Gates even offered to send people over to hook it up…I think he finally went with her to a Furniture Mart of someplace and got HP. Anyhow, they were going on in that adorable “real anecdote” way rich people have and he had to cancel a bridge tournament because it was just too much stress. Could you spew? Try getting your EFT card, buddy, or seeing your Mom’s money over at B of A sink to nothing…or paying for your electricity in increments on a card…Oh,. never mind…He is still funny looking and he still has to die like the rest of us. Neener, neener.