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House Dems Will Allow Obama-GOP Tax Deal

As I said they would last week, House Democrats are now bowing to reality and are preparing to swallow the Obama-GOP deal to extend all the Bush tax cuts, even for greedy rich people.

Forcing taxes to rise on everyone as a 2010 Christmas present to the country would have resulted in Republican majority status until the year 2135, experts predicted.

Anyway, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, a member of the House Democratic leadership, told Fox News yesterday that the deal abides. “We’re not going to hold this thing up at the end of the day,” he said.

The Dems will pull some stunts during the day, before we get to the end of the day, but the agreement will change basically not at all.

And yes, that was a Big Lebowski reference.

Also a good piece today in POLITICO related to Obama’s growing triangulation strategy, featuring personal calls by Obama to incoming House committee chairmen and meetings for the newly powerful Republicans with Biden and others.

11 thoughts on “House Dems Will Allow Obama-GOP Tax Deal”

    1. I am sort of with you on this Anonna–this is the latest meme rattling around. (Everyone hates memes.) Anyhow, I sort of think of it as narrowing focus so issues and people are excluded or marginalized…the original idea was to take two pts to locate or pinpoint a third, I think! How did it get from finding to losing, though–if it did. Heck, what does it mean, Keith? The emperor was no clothes–we are not worthy!

        1. What I understood from the definitions is that it’s when A and B are having a disagreement and A says something that forces C to get involved event though C has no part of what is going on between A and B or may not want to be involved.

          So, President Obama didn’t triangulate by this definition, he decided that he would work with mods and Repubs and let the lefties suck their thumbs.

          Am I right?

  1. He can triangulate, contemplate, and exfoliate but it won’t make up for the last two years of arrogant distain that he’s shown to anyone who doesn’t agree with him.
    The voters will never trust him to be moderate or centrist if he gets a lame duck term.

  2. That Van Hollen character seems purry and skeevy to me–and for him to cite The Big Lebowksi—ick, shudder. I also am not too nuts over the payroll tax cut–it just hastens the demise or ruination of SS, it seems to me. Maybe that’s the intent–to slip that in?

    Speaking of shuddering, young Austan was on MTP yesterday and I was screaming at the TV–we are hurting out here, you supercilious little twit! He was murmuring away about how the tax cuts for the “rich” “dont work,” whatever all that means. Why doesn’t he say that if a percentage of those “rich” people spring for another franchise or open another plant, they will help people make more, pay more taxes, and no one will HAVE to borrow from the Chinese or anyone. I also heard that McDermott blatt on about how these were tax cuts for “trust fund babies.” They people have no shame, but I guess that’s not hot news.

    1. Agreed.
      The only reason they want the “wealthy” to pay more taxes is that they need the money to give to those who aren’t. The rich should not be penalized because they were lucky, worked hard, invested smartly or however they became rich.
      The estate tax: years ago a relative who owned a small thriving business died and the estate tax caused his sons to sell off most of the equipment to pay the tax. I’ve read that farmers, with expensive farm equipment, must do the same. It’s a wrong tax.

  3. Aint right that the super rich folk are gonna be getting more tax cuts. We got people who cant get jobs and cant feed they’re kids and all the rich folks care about is makin more money. They dont need to be drivin the super fancy cars or putting in another pool or two when we got folks starvin.

    The rich folk out in the fancy burbs need to be payin they’re fair share and helpin the folks who are down on their luck.

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