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Triangulation? Obama? Of Course!

There seems to be some discussion today about whether or not President Obama has embarked on a strategy of triangulation.


What more evidence, given the events of the past few days and weeks, do House Democrats need to know they’re being triangulated? According to POLITICO this morning, they still need more.

The question echoing through Democratic circles, among lawmakers and liberal commentators alike, is whether President Barack Obama might be trying to separate himself from his unpopular party through acts of triangulation.

Oh yeah, yeah, he might. He just might. Let’s look at some of the evidence:

  • Obama just negotiated a deal with Republicans to allow the wealthy to keep their Bush tax cuts. House Democrats weren’t even invited to be in on the discussions. Now, the White House is essentially telling Democrats, “Like it or be blamed for raising taxes.”
  • Obama just concluded a trade deal with South Korea, the biggest since NAFTA, that’s going to piss off liberal Democrats and their union allies. And he intends to ram it through Congress.
  • The EPA is backing off issuing potentially onerous smog regulations being fought by businesses but ardently backed by environmentalists. Officials say the plan needs more study, which is code for”We found a nice place on the shelf for it to gather dust.”
  • The author of triangulation, Bill Clinton, is making a very public visit to the White House today to discuss, according to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, how to deal with an opposition party that takes the House during the middle of your term.

Democrats, Triangulation is here. Learn to love it!

3 thoughts on “Triangulation? Obama? Of Course!”

  1. It’s more like he did “get it” with the last election and is throwing his base supporters in the ditch with the Repubs. If he has any chance of running for re-election, he has to be the outsider again. He won’t be campaigning with anyone who doesn’t have a safe seat in 2012.

    We should be looking for a very interesting campaign; MrO won’t need to travel to all 57 states next time. No point in flying in to Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, WVirginia, or Michigan to name a few fly-overs.

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