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Obama’s Latest Nasty Accusation

I’m sorry, I meant to mention how contemptible this statement was by the president yesterday on the failure of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal in the Senate. So I’ll correct the oversight.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to link DADT repeal to the Defense spending bill, just so he could get this kind of reaction from Obama and others if Republicans voted it down.

I am extremely disappointed that yet another filibuster has prevented the Senate from moving forward with the National Defense Authorization Act. Despite having the bipartisan support of a clear majority of Senators, a minority of Senators are standing in the way of the funding upon which our troops, veterans and military families depend. This annual bill has been enacted each of the past 48 years, and our armed forces deserve nothing less this year.

How much gall can Obama’s gall bladder contain? Plenty, because this statement TAKES A LOT OF GALL.

Work the issue, Mr. President, but please spare us the disingenuous and divisive accusation that Republicans don’t care about the nation’s troops.

The person who is having a problem with his give-a-shit with regard to the military is Reid, who decided to HOLD MILITARY FUNDING HOSTAGE by PLAYING POLITICS WITH IT and linking approval of funds for the armed services to revoking Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

I thought you abhorred these kinds of tactics, Mr. President?

Mr. President? Are you there?

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Latest Nasty Accusation”

  1. Ring. Ring. Ring.
    You have reached the offices of King Barry, Im not here as Bills got it under control for a minute so Im gonna step out for smokes n stop by the crabshack..
    Please leave your name and number and after I council the ghost of President Cleveland and my wife maybe Ill get back to you.Blame Bush!

  2. We can lump this spin with all the name calling and veiled threats that have been thrown about for the last 2 years. MrReid, tacking the “online gambling act” on the new/renewed tax rates is just more of the same sneaky politics.

    I missed the live Presser(?) with MrClinton but did read about the remarks as quoted in the NYT. Has there ever been a former Prez come to the aid of the present Prez and just take over like MrClinton did? What the heck is going on in DC, MrO has given up any leadership role and it’s really confusing.
    MrsClinton has stated that she’s not running for any elective office again, but what are MrClinton’s future plans? They are both deeply involved in DC politics, right out of the WhiteHouse.

  3. Funny that you should mention hostages because I just made a hostage tape called America Held Hostage that has an ABC sound bite from the Iran hostage crisis. I was surprised by how often Obama uses the word hostage and I didn’t even use all my clips. I tried to make it funny so people wouldn’t be bored to death.

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