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Albany PTA Chairwoman Backs Tax Cut Deal

In one of the oddest pressure tactic campaigns I’ve seen in Washington, the White House is releasing dozens of statements of support from local officials praising the agreement with Republicans to temporarily maintain the Bush tax cuts.

Here’s the latest mayor to hop aboard, in a statement released at 5:00 pm:

Des Moines Mayor Backs Middle Class Tax Cut Framework

Mayor T.M. Franklin Cownie’s Statement on President Obama’s Tax Cuts for America’s Middle Class

Des Moines, IA – Mayor Cownie Issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s economic incentive package for America’s middle class families.

“I want to commend President Obama for his leadership in securing tax cuts for America’s middle class, extending unemployment benefits for the nation’s jobless, and providing important tax incentives for small businesses to create jobs.

It goes on, but you get the idea.

At least the statements look different enough to leave the impression that they’re not being written in the White House.

UPDATE: This just released by the White House, 6:51 Eastern Standard Time – Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight declares he backs Bush tax cut extension, “although it was a tough call.”

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4 Responses to Albany PTA Chairwoman Backs Tax Cut Deal

  1. If this whole scene wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. Oh heck, it’s funny.
    The Dems are mad because the taxes aren’t HIGH enough, lordy, do they know what that sounds like out here in fly-over country?
    They’re having temper tantrums, cursing their own President, implying that MrO is wimpy and a pushover, while the Repubs sip their slurpees and munch popcorn.