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You Bet the Democrats will Pass the Tax Deal

The Hill is reporting that momentum is building in the Senate in favor of the Bush tax deal.

Well, of course it is. Obama has the Democrats completely cornered. All the whining on Capitol Hill about  allowing the rich to keep their tax cuts has been extremely entertaining, but it will soon be squelched by political reality – which is that Democrats will be relegated to third party status behind the Communist Party of the United States of America if they allow everyone’s taxes to increase Jan.1

And despite Obama’s own almost-cried performance during yesterday’s press conference, he probably has helped himself by separating his political self from congressional Democrats, who are the Losers du Jour in the eyes of the public, as Glenn Thrush reports in POLITICO.

7 thoughts on “You Bet the Democrats will Pass the Tax Deal”

  1. Yes, indeedy. Lots of political theatre in DC this week.
    Let’s not overlook the “Rent’sTooHigh” political party; it’s gaining converts every day.
    thanks for the laugh.

  2. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but does anyone see some irony in the fact that the tax deal is still tagged with “W’s” name. Must drive the left cockoo bananas.

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