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Obama’s Uncertain Plan for Afghanistan

See, you know, this is why people get frustrated with Obama.

Is it really clear to anyone what the goal is in Afghanistan, other than to tidy the place up enough so we can get the Hell out?

Here’s what President Obama told the troops during his visit there over the weekend.

This part of the world is the center of a global effort where we are going to disrupt and dismantle and defeat al Qaeda and its extremist allies. And that’s why you’re here.  That’s why your mission matters so much.  That’s why you must succeed.

So, this sounds pretty good. It sounds like we are going for the win. Al Qaeda’s “extremists allies,” whom we want to “dismantle and defeat,” must be the Taliban. We want to spike the ball hard in Mullah Omar’s end zone.

Only thing is, this is not generally the rationale Obama gives for the war. When he’s not talking to the people who have to do the fighting, this is what he says – repeatedly: We want to break the Taliban’s momentum. The quote below happens to be from remarks he made at the NATO summit in Lisbon last month.

With the additional resources that we’ve put in place we’re now achieving our objective of breaking the Taliban’s momentum and doing the hard work of training Afghan security forces and assisting the Afghan people.

And I want to thank our allies who committed additional trainers and mentors to support the vital mission of training Afghan forces.  With these commitments I am confident that we can meet our objective.

There’s no mention to our frightened allies about kicking anybody’s ass. We’re just there to “break the Taliban’s momentum.” That is, we want to get them to fourth down so they’ll punt to Karzai, and hopefully that sad sack of corruption can score on his own.

Or perhaps just get them to third down. Or something else. Who the Hell knows what it means to break your enemy’s “momentum?” Maybe they’ll still be getting first downs, just not as fast.

To fight a war, you need clear goals, a plan to WIN, and ALL the resources needed for victory.

We don’t have any of this, and we are throwing the lives of our bravest young – not to mention middle aged – men and women at a strategy that is headed toward failure.

I guess Obama can always blame Bush and the Afghanis.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Uncertain Plan for Afghanistan”

  1. War? more like a crazy turkey shoot (the turkeys shoot back). It’s time to declare a moral victory, a ceasefire, anything that will stop this insanity of fighting goat herders who share their hatred of us with millions of other Muslims. We can’t win their hearts and minds with bullets and tanks.
    We can’t win this, period.

    1. That’s how I feel–as you people know. Stop their momentum–their momentum of trying to prevail in their own country, where they live, and whence they are not leaving unless all are in body bags. This whole thing makes no sense. Yes, punishment for letting Bin Laden and his crew hole up there. OK–we bounced the rubble around for 9 yrs now. Deny them another haven…they are in 110 countries… This whole thing makes no sense…to me, anyhow. I also don’t see how it honors those who have died to have more die.

  2. With Obama’s mentality on Afghanistan it is official, this is the Vietnam of the 21st century.

    The military is designed to do two things, kill people and blow stuff up. If we want to win the hearts and minds of the locals, then stabilize the country, kill all the bad guys and then send in the Peace Corp. Otherwise this has turned into nothing more than a joke.

    We are doing “catch and release” as the Washington Examiner calls it ( with the enemy. What the heck type of policy is that? If this is going to be the direction of the “war” effort from here on out, then lets pack up our toys and go home.

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