As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama to Hold a News Conference Today

President Obama will hold a press conference at 2:20 pm today in the White House press briefing room. We will livestream it here.

This definitely suggests a new strategy for Obama with respect to the media. It’s his third news conference since Republicans massacred the Democrats on Election Day.

This reflects the White House view that their problems stem from a failure to communicate adequately with the public. But Obama has moved too far to the left of the general voting public, and the economy has failed to improve, so no amount of selling could have stemmed the rebellion he faced last month.

Obama needs to change his policies, not his strategy. His cave in to Republicans on taxes, ironically, will begin repairing the political damage.

Gibbs will brief at 3:20 to clean up any mess Obama might leave.

5 Responses to Obama to Hold a News Conference Today

  1. Obama has become physically unattractive lately. He isn’t aging well. If he doesn’t look angry he looks goofy. I’m not sure if it’s caused by his weightloss or just his dna, but this can’t help with his quest to win back voters. Are people that shallow? Yes.

  2. Goody! More blather. More jobs for all Americans…millionaires…billionaires, in my judgment, let me be clear…let me be perfectly clear…work together…cooperate…Bush…worst ever….since…Party of no…

  3. Watching the bs now..The professor cant accept blame for anything,and the only working with the Republicans I see is to blame them for everything as usual.Please god,let the next 24 months go quickly and get this garbage out of the White House…This is what happens when you let the janitor sit in the principals desk…Sad part is that in the next 24 we will also see the DPRK continue to provoke everyone,China take over,and Iran go nuclear while he sits on his hands and wants to give citizenship to all the illegals while shoving that ridiculous Obamacare junk down everyone’s throats..(Dont forget the whole Muslim terror coddling..Guess he has to restore all the benefits that Clinton took away from all the sit at home 3rd generation project living welfare cases….(But Im sure he will have more bashing of the Israeli’s)What a joke.I am 100% proud of the fact I didn’t vote for this fool and his heifer of a wife….They serve lobster in hell?