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North Carolina is NOT About Politics, Okay?

Several readers of White House Dossier seem to be wondering whether Obama is ALREADY focused again on politics – so, so, soon after Election Day – by hauling Air Force One to North Carolina today.

Bill Burton
Why you dirty rat. Obama would never politicize community colleges. Photo by Keith Koffler

Well, White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton, aboard Air Force One, was asked this very question – whether Obama was headed there because North Carolina is a swing state. To which he responded with the following:

“It was chosen because there is a great community college there.”

To which we respond:

Bwahahahahahaha! Oh, it hurts to laugh in the morning.

And to which we ask:

How many great community colleges in Nebraska has Obama been to?

None! Bwahahahahaha!

3 Responses to North Carolina is NOT About Politics, Okay?

  1. Yeah, it’s a great school, and it’s their 50th anniversary, BUT, did he really need to come down here and create the disruption attendant on his magical mystery tour? NO! They blocked off all the roads anywhere near the school, cancelled classes at the main campus and the satellite campus where he spoke, and basically used all the police and sheriffs around for security. Just so he could deliver yet another campaign speech. HUGH waste of time and money.