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Obama Grants Christmas Clemencies

President Obama pardoned nine people for their crimes. Check out the link and see if any of them have your money.

Obama pardons Thanksgiving Turkey
Obama makes his first pardon of the year.
Photo by Keith Koffler
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6 Responses to Obama Grants Christmas Clemencies

  1. MrFoster, of BeaverFalls, PA, convicted in 1963 of “mutilating a coin” did some probie time and paid a $20 fine. He probably drilled a hole in a quarter so that he could put it on a chain and wear it around his neck. $20??!! He doesn’t need a Presidential Pardon for that offense.
    What the heck are they doing in the WH, who found these ancient crimes and why in all that’s holy did these people need pardoned?
    Don’t answer.

      • Heck, no need to apologize for misspelling and too many/too little punctuation, and run on sentences………..
        Somtimes I git evrythin wrong and feel the neeed to brush up on my speling and grammor.

        • These were probably politically “easy” to do; Obama would never pardon Barabas nor would he pardon someone who committed a heinous crime and then had a religious experience in prison. I am sure these pardons (like Clintons midnight selection) were exclusively designed to make the drug culture feel happy about themselves.