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Photo: Obama Meets with Congressional Leaders

Here’s a photo released by the White House of the happy crew. I think this is in the president’s dining room, just off the Oval Office. Notice how much closer Obama has seated himself to Harry Reid than Nancy Pelosi. Anyway, she and Boehner change seats next year, after which he’ll move even further away.

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5 Responses to Photo: Obama Meets with Congressional Leaders

  1. She is one scary woman. No one is sitting close to her.
    The President gave up the ‘head of the table’ seat, good for him.

    Several politicos have said that the voters don’t want gridlock; allow me to join with others and say YesWeDo.

  2. I am sooo sick of the sophistry on this. Yeah, we are running over to China to get $700 billion to give to Warren Buffet. Great idea! Gosh, can’t imagine why anyone would not want this to happen…

  3. A friend of mine who does not follow this closely told me it wasn’t fair for rich people not to pay–she thought, anyway. How do you even begin on that? I said well, it’s not a cut–it’s just not an increase…oh, never mind…