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Obama’s Committee From Outer Space

The Committee from Outer Space, otherwise know as the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, has just released its recommendations for solving the nation’s fiscal crisis, an assortment of non-starters that will guarantee the report’s place gathering dust on bureaucrats’ shelves for decades to come.

Obama appointed The Committee from Outer Space to come up with an “independent” plan including unpalatable prescriptions for the nation’s fiscal ills, hoping it would give him cover to make some tough decisions. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s going to have to lead on this one all by his lonesome self.

Obama earlier this year escorts commission chairs Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles to the launching pad so they can begin their work in outer space

One of Obama’s most notable achievements as president has been to refine responsibility shirking to an art form.

He’s blamed Bush for everything bad that’s happened during his presidency, save the death of actor Leslie Nielsen this week. He let congressional Democrats write the health care bill and the stimulus package, alienating Republicans and resulting in NO GOP support for either. He’s basically withdrawn the United States from its leadership role on the world stage.

The Commission from Outer Space, which he appointed in February, has come up with a plan to raise the retirement age to 69; jack up taxes on average taxpayers about $1,700 per year in part by abolishing the deduction of mortgage interest; end tax-free treatment of employer-paid health insurance; slash defense in time of war; and other proposals collected during their interplanetary travels.

Of course, it’s too late for Obama to do something serious about the deficit. He decided to spend his political capital on health care and allowed Congress to eat up 18 months getting it through.

We now have about six months to do anything vaguely controversial in Congress before the start of the presidential campaign season makes that impossible. A severely wounded president and a Republican Party hungry to complete its seizure of power just ain’t gonna get it done.

We’ll need a new mandate from voters in 2012 in order to get the country back on a path toward fiscal responsibility. In the interim, the best Obama and the Republicans can do is abide by the doctors’ maxim, “First do no harm.”

8 Responses to Obama’s Committee From Outer Space

  1. Agreed. Not much will happen in the near future on these proposals.
    Agreed. MrO’s skill at avoiding serious work has been commented on by many. He doesn’t seem to have the enthusiasm for the nitty-gritty politicking that other Prezs enjoyed.

    Most of the proposals seem to be practical and designed to add to the coffers and reduce gov’t spending at the same time. It’s too bad we don’t have anyone in all of DC with the guts to put their cushy job on the line for this.

  2. In the meantime, an ‘unnamed US official’ said the US would be glad to contribute to the European Financial Stability Fund via an increase in IMF contributions. I suppose that will play well in the hinterlands now that we have full employment, a huge budget and larger trade surplus and retirees and gov’t workers have all gotten 7% raises.

  3. And how about that Simpson–he is really working on his grumpy grandpa thing. I heard him say the other day that when the economic collapse comes, it will be BAM!, one day, we’ve had it. Go back to Montana or wherever you’re from. Yes, we don’t like bad news–but we don’t need barking crazy delivery. Go be all colorful someplace else.

  4. Agreed..Though my friend you left out 1 itsy bitsy teeny weeny lil thing. The undeniably scary horror story fact that there will be a need to deal with Iran within Im guessing the next 6 to 8 months. Madmanjihad and the Mullahs are in the final stretch (Nothing to see here…Im praying that Obama doesn’t choke.If he fails thisand Israel goes for it,(I think the Arabs must OPENLY support ) there’s a mess brewing on the horizon,with a variety of unknown but catastrophic possible outcomes..Shudder that for the holiday!

    p.s. Dont forget Lil Jerk,though that’s nothing but 1 afternoon if it comes down to it..South Korea can handle it.

    • Jeff, I agree completely on Iran. Interested that you think South Korea can handle the North – hope you are right and I do suspect NK is not a strong as thought. They can’t be giving their military what it needs.

      • The DPRK has more troops, but after 50+ years of mistrust amongst the population alongside mass starvation.Regime change could be had and I think with minimal loss of life.(For what the situation is).Plus,on our side is the 50+ year old gear. Soul can send a half dozen drones out and knock off the entire family and as many top generals as possible in a concentrated group of hits,and at the same time use the entire rest of the SK Air Forces on all the DMV positions with Soul in range and add 100 more miles out.They will collapse almost immediately.The refugees wont be bad due to the rapid end of hostilities.Then send the I.A.E.A. and a the U.S.,though should still tag along,China too.)Remove the cascades,and all the nuclear material,and bulldoze the structures and blow up the tunnels.Reunify

        • I don’t know where you get your info but it sounds possible. if can be done must. They will keep exporting nukes and one day possibly use them. There are risks to doing this, but there are risks to not.