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Obama and Biden to Meet with Powell

President Obama and Vice President Biden will meet this afternoon with Gen. Colin Powell to “discuss issues ranging from education and efforts to reduce the high school drop-out rate to the importance of ratifying the New START Treaty,” the White House just announced.

It’s nice of them to take some time out from bashing Powell’s tenure as Secretary of State. Or perhaps Cheney made Powell do the things he did. I don’t know.

It’s the latest example of Obama hauling in a bigshot to show that Important People support the START treaty. Kissinger has already been to the White House for the same purpose.

How do you do that, BTW? “Thanks for your views  on dropout rates, general, let’s now talk about nuclear weapons.” Why pretend they care about Powells thoughts on screwed up students?

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5 Responses to Obama and Biden to Meet with Powell

  1. MrsO, a former lawyer, is now a self-appointed expert on childhood obesity and nutrition so GenPowell, a former soldier, can be an expert on childhood educational problems.
    Both of them have the same solution to different problems; take the yummy food from the cafeteria and force the children to eat veggies(MrsO) and issue an order that all teenagers must stay in school(GenPowell).
    Seriously, if the START treaty is so god-almighty-important there has to be a reason why the Dems can’t just pass the thing. They still have the majority votes in both houses. Must be something fishy there.

  2. A globalist President and his globalist-oriented White House Staff joined by a retired military general who is a reknowned, out-of-the-closet, liberal, centrist, moderate globalist himself … none of whom share the opinion of American exceptionalism, dominance or superiority, but all of whom declare themselves “citizens of Earth.” The Russians once more, will laugh all the way back to the Kremlin at how stupid the Americans remain (after all these years). START, like SALT, will do nothing but bolster Putin’s regime while showing how ridiculously innept we are at foreign policy. And … once more … all of this is brought to you by our “educated elite.”