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Biden Screws Up Swear in of Obama’s GOP Replacement

Vice President Biden had the miserable indignity yesterday of swearing in Republican Mark Kirk, who stole President Obama’s old Senate seat from the Democrats.

And, being Biden, he F’d it up. As you can see in the photo below, Kirk was told to raise his left hand and put his right hand on the bible. But he’s supposed to do the reverse.

Apparently, he’s still a senator, even if he raised the wrong hand. And I’d be thinking this was a practical joke or some kind of subterfuge, except it’s Biden.

Biden Swears in Mark Kirk

4 Responses to Biden Screws Up Swear in of Obama’s GOP Replacement

  1. The Chicago Dems searched city-wide to find a suitable candidate for the Senate seat and came up with a guy with mob ties. Not to worry, they elected other questionable candidates. Both of the O’s and a lot of others put their political capital (what’s left of it) on the line for the mob banker and got nothing.
    It probably won’t take long for this newly elected Senator to find himself co-opted by those in power. He’s started off badly, thanks to VPBiden.

    The WH shutting down off-shore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is probably some nasty payback for GovJindal’s unflattering jab at MrO’s handling of the oil spill. MrCarville won’t be happy about this either.
    This administration is running out of people, groups, and organizations to alienate.