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It Turns Out Obama Loves Republicans!

This wonderful. President Obama totally loves Republicans. I had thought from his 2010 campaign speeches that he hates them. But I was misunderstanding him. He was hectoring them because he loves them.

You can tell from the remarks he just made at the White House following his meeting with the bipartisan congressional leadership. So different than what he said during the campaign.

We are Americans first, and we share a responsibility for the stewardship of our nation . . .

I think that there was a sincere effort on the part of everybody involved to actually commit to work together to try to deal with these problems . . .

I very much appreciate their presence today. I appreciate the tenor of the conversations. I think it will actually yield results before the end of the year, and I look forward to continuing this dialogue in the months ahead.

Obama seems to shift the rhetoric from hot to cold at a moment’s notice. He’s kind of like the shower in a low-rent apartment I once had. 

On the campaign trail, as I remember it, he personally attacked Speaker-to-be John Boehner (R-Ohio), said Republicans didn’t care about the economy, that they in fact had a cynical plan to wreck the economy in order to destroy him, that they wanted to harm working people to help their rich friends, and . . . the list just goes on and on.

That was all for laughs, I guess.

But now it’s got me thinking. Was it possible – just possible – that “hope and change” weren’t the words of the Messiah, but just a tawdry campaign slogan? That Obama’s collective 2008 campaign speeches weren’t a Third Testament of the Bible?

Is Obama just a POLITICIAN???


But which Obama do I trust – the one from the 2010 campaign, or the one I’m seeing now?

This must be very confusing for Republicans, who will begin sitting down immediately with the White House and Democrats for serious negotiations about how to extend the Bush tax cuts.

A representative of each of the four congressional caucuses will begin chatting with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and OMB Director Jack Lew to try to figure out a compromise.

Geithner and Lew would probably tell the Republicans the truth about how Obama feels about them, but they’re probably scared it will end up in Wikileaks or something.

2 Responses to It Turns Out Obama Loves Republicans!

  1. If he didn’t suddenly have to eat dinner with the kids or clean up after the dog, I guess he is shining them on for today anyhow… How inspiring. I am sure they have one hand on their wallets. Are the upper tax cuts still for “millionaires and billionaires”–no thousandaires in there?

  2. The parable of the scorpion needing a ride across the river, well, we know what happened and guaranteed, the Repubs know it well.

    After consulting with MsMcDonnell, MrsPelosi is now looking for some eye of newt and bat wings for a potion to put the Prez back on the right track.

    MrGuiterrez asked about the split lip and then reminded MrO of his promise to push the DreamOn act.
    Just an ordinary day on the hill.