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Bush’s Appearance on The Facebook

Former President George W. Bush is using the Internets to sell books, appearing on a Facebook livestream event to talk the younger folks about his presidency.

This fella is so relaxed I don’t think he’d get up from his football game if the house was on fire. He’s either really come to terms with his presidency or he’s on a steady stream of valium.

He tried to show he’s down with modern technology by mentioning he’s got an iPad and an iPod.  But in answer to one question, he responded, “I use the Facebook.”

I thought you might enjoy this clip, in which he talks about his approach to life. You can get a real good sense of what he’s like these days.

10 Responses to Bush’s Appearance on The Facebook

  1. MrBush left the WH under a heavy cloud of anger and distrust from the electorate, but MrO has been acting like such a putz that he’s making MrBush look good by comparison. Not a bad place to be.

    Just an aside: young people act surprised when they find out that us old geezers can use a computer, an i-pod or join the FaceBook crowd.
    (My first computer was a “Tandy” with a DOS operating system)

  2. GWB does come off a supremely laid back, much to the disgust and dismay of his critics. The comparison to the incumbent and his petty pouting is stunning.

    Good old Tandy, mine was a TRS-100 (notebook/portable type) with a whooping 32KB ram AND a an external 100 kb disc drive. (Yup, kids, those numbers are right). Learned to program on that little beast and also began using the builtin modem to access the “world”.

    • Programming!! Good for you!
      “Programming Games” what a disaster! After 2 weeks of 1,1,0,0,1,_ and never getting anywhere, the book was returned to the library.

  3. I can beat that, SrDem–I had an IBM B System–they had two–A and B.for home use. It was some beta deal. My ex was pretty geeky, needless to say. I can’t find a USB port with both hands.

    I remember when Bush’s leaning on the podium used to bother me…seemed sloppy. I have come a long way since then in getting bothered.

  4. For all the good things this man has done, he’s still a liberal:

    * Medicare Part D.
    * No Child Left Behind.
    * Iraq (with no plan after liberation).
    * Anti-Semitic State Department (carried over from Reagan, Bush, Clinton).
    * Out-of-control spending.
    * Tarp/Bailouts.
    * $$$$$$$$.

    … he showed leadership after 9-11. We applaud him for that. But, like his father, W is a globalist (diplomatically) and a socialist (at home). He outspent Bill Clinton 3 to 1 in domestic spending and allowed military pork barrell projects to continue unabated.

    Good riddance.

    • Always amused me how all this was dressed up as “compassionate” conservatism. Which of course unavoidably implied that “regular” conservatism was uncompassionate. It was actually just a rebranding of the old Rockefeller Republicanism.