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White House Won’t Discose Donors to Axelrod Charity

Gawker reports that David Axelrod, President Obama’s senior political adviser, is refusing to divulge donors to his wife’s epilepsy charity.

The Sunshine Administration won’t tell Gawker who contributed to the charity, donations to which soared after Axelrod’s boss became president, according to the website.

And lest anyone wonder whether wealthy donors would really view an organization like CURE as a way to gain an ear in the White House, consider this: In 2009, during Axelrod’s first year as a presidential adviser, CURE’s revenue from corporations, individuals, and foundations nearly tripled from 2008 levels, from $562,412 to $1.6 million.

Axelrods’ 29-year old daughter suffers from the disease, and the charity was established in 1998 to help find a cure. Which is a very nice thing. But the White House needs to disclose who is giving to the charity, so the public can see if certain donors have more than altruism on their minds.

The White House notes that the charity is not required by law to disclose its donors, and that Axelrod’s wife is not a federal employee.

But she is married to one of a small group of people who are running the country. So we need, unfortunately, to know who might be trying to influence her husband.

H/T to Ben Smith, on whose blog I noticed this.

2 Responses to White House Won’t Discose Donors to Axelrod Charity

  1. The non-profit organization, chaired by the wife of the POTUS’s advisor, should be able and willing to provide a list of the donors. The donors would certainly want to know how and to whom their largess was distributed.
    Keeping the information hidden only adds to speculation that something is amiss and not on the up&up.

    There’s no legitimate reason to withold the names of the donors to this fine organization.