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Obama Schedule || Monday, November 29, 2010

11:35 am || Makes a statement to the press

Haven’t heard what this is about, but it was just scheduled this morning, so I assume we’re doing Wikileaks. I should be able to livestream it.

But forget the ruination of U.S. foreign policy. What the everyone wants is a closeup of The Lip.

UPDATE: Remarks are on the federal employee pay freeze.

Gibbs briefing at 1:00 pm

3 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, November 29, 2010

  1. The LIP is, so, yesterday (until we find out what really happened).

    There’s no way our “foreign policy” can be ruined. If the end result is that all of our so-called allies or friendly nations quit talking with us, then WikiLeaks was a success.