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Obama Elbowed by Jerk

Who is this creep? The White House fingered some nobody named Rey Decerega as the one who stuck an elbow in the president’s mouth during a basketball game at Fort McNair Friday.

This is a statement released by Mr. Decerega, the director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute..

“I learned today the president is both a tough competitor and a good sport.  I enjoyed playing basketball with him this morning. I’m sure he’ll be back out on the court again soon,” Decerega said.

What? No expression of contrition, just a little note that you’re sorry this happened, that you stuck your puny elbow into the lip of the leader of the free world?

Who the Hell cares whether YOU  enjoyed yourself, you moron? And who wants your analysis of the president’s sportsmanship?

Please, give us your opinion on other important matters too, since you seem so interesting. What did you think of Bernanke’s quantitative easing, for instance.


Here is some video of Obama watching plaintively as the White House Christmas tree arrives, nursing his lip from the window. And, as one of our regular readers, Granny Jan, points out, he’s nicely position to be photographed and perhaps get a little sympathy. Awww . . .

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15 Responses to Obama Elbowed by Jerk

  1. Remember that running Gerald Ford joke–where the SS was always wrrestling everything that got in his way to the ground. This guy wasn’t shot. I am leaving it there.

  2. Aww, gots boo-boo.

    The #1FirstDaughter is SO typical teenager; she couldn’t be more bored.
    Look at a tree?are you kidding?now you want me to, what, like, smell it?
    Brings back memories of my own, now grown, family.

    You’re so right, anyone who even ‘bumped’ into the Prez would apologize immediately. This self-important dufus smacks him in the mouth, causing bleeding and a deep cut (might have made him dizzy, too) and he says he had a good time.
    While we understand there are ‘rules of the game’ they don’t apply when you’re playing against the POTUS.

  3. Does this mean he can’t play golf today? I bet he goes if the weather is nice.
    Of course, he could still be using his ice pack so who knows.

    I’m sure he’s a afraid of a little scar to mar his face. I even have a theory why he has made a habit of holding his head up so high. He studied himself in the mirror and thought that he looked the most handsome in that pose. It makes his nose look narrower, too.

    Most men don’t think this way but many women do.

  4. We’re told that the “White House” issued the statement from the dufus.
    MrDufus, so far, hasn’t said a word publicly.
    How could the WH press office get the injury wrong, upper/lower lip?
    The Prez, so far, hasn’t said a word publicly, either.

    • I saw he was too woebegone to come out and jolly around about the Christmas tree–and I saw a pic of him later. I expected he’d at least have a cast on his face or something…tiny line going up his lip…like a toddler who tumbled…

      Speaking of Christmas–do you think it will come out he and his fam don’t give or exchange gifts for some reason? Giftgate? Apparently Babs WaWa asked do the kids believe in Santa. Good God. Time for Babs to retire? I always admired her ground breaking and so on, but gag me.

  5. So this guy’s a hispanic who’s involved in programs for hispanics, etc.

    I’d say he elbowed the Prez on purpose. Didn’t Obama tell them to punish their enemies — and hasn’t he failed to hand amnesty to the millions and millions of illegal alien hispanics in our nation? From that perspective the non-apology makes sense.