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Obama Gets Elbow to Lip, Twelve Stitches

President Obama today capped off his disastrous November with an elbow to the lip during a game of basketball at Fort McNair, resulting in twelve stitches..

The president was treated back at the White House by his medical staff after the game.

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4 Responses to Obama Gets Elbow to Lip, Twelve Stitches

  1. It doesn’t matter if they have time-stamped video and audio of the Prez getting clipped while playing basketball; everyone will think that MrsO was tired of hearing him complain and decked him.

  2. Now we hear that an advocate of the dead Dream Act is responsible for the fat lip.
    We can be sure that all of the Latino community is horrified that one of their own clipped the POTUS and then called him a “good sport”.
    Our Prez is becoming the RodneyDangerfied of politics.