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Obama Wows Sycamore Elementary School

Obama has some true believers left, but they’re in elementary school, and won’t be old enough to vote until Michelle runs for president. From the pool report by Helene Cooper of the New York Times.

Second unannounced stop…Sycamore Elementary, where around 300 deliriously excited and screaming kids lined up outside.
Did pool mention screaming? Think Michael Jackson in Tokyo type screaming.
“Omigod he touched me! He touched me!” Yelled one little girl in pink.
“He’s right up there!” Yelled one boy.

Potus worked the rope line, grinning, as wave after wave of kids grabbed his hand, fell back, then rushed up to grab his hand again, double dipping.

This stop lasted 7 minutes.

3 Responses to Obama Wows Sycamore Elementary School

  1. How nice for the kids to say they shook the Prez’s hand.
    Things didn’t go so well for MrsO when she talked to the students in a Miami FL school. After she chastised them for not eating all of their vegetables the little tykes were made to eat raw green onions and squash.
    The photos of the kids faces is priceless, just what you would imagine.
    (This is to promote a certain Dem donor’s business that will be putting 5,000 salad bars in school cafeterias.)

  2. Every photo op, every (campaign) stop Obama makes is political. A bakery, school, hotdog stand, you name it, its political. The message, the set up, the view for (and from) the press pool, the President (and entourage) dress, down to the very item they purchase … its political. It’s the same for the Rep’s as well: fake. Nothing seems to be real anymore.