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Obama and Biden Raid the Gingerbread House Bakery

The president and the vice president, who are traveling together today in Indiana, made a sudden, unannounced stop to load up on sweets.

This after first lady appeared Monday at an event promoting salad bars in schools as part of her “Let’s Move” initiative. Her husband the next day has “let’s moved” himself into a bakery. I hope she doesn’t mind. I’m sure, actually, that he picked something up for her.

The pool report is below. You may notice that President Obama is actually taunting the pool a bit here, insisting on buying them treats when he knows that reporters are uncomfortable taking stuff from him, since they’re not really supposed to receive gifts from their subjects, including the president.

Next unannounced stop: the Gingerbread House Bakery.

“How long you guys had this spot?” Potus asked. Pool couldn’t hear the answer.
The cafe is tiny. Potus and Vpotus perused the offerings of pumpkin rolls, cream rolls, apple fritters and other sweet stuff.

Potus: “I understand you guys gor some help from the SBA?” The owners said yes, and Vpotus asked “Could you have gotten along without it?”
Reply was no.

Potus: “The girls arent supposed to have dessert on weekdays but its thanksgiving week.” He asked for a variety of “product.”
Biden: “I want to take two of those cream rolls home.”
Potus: “And for the pool what do you guys want?”
Bashful pool wouldn’t say.
Potus: “You guys just want some donuts?”
“I’m gonna need some apple fritters, pecan rolls,” for the pool.

Biden: “If we give them the whole roll they might not follow us as fast.”

Potus: “I’m buying for the pool.
Man those look good.”

10 Responses to Obama and Biden Raid the Gingerbread House Bakery

  1. We have to believe that if MrO has someone call the WH chef and request some pastries or donuts that every donut known to man would appear at the Oval Office for MrO’s enjoyment. They probably have a nice assortment of pastries on AF-1, too. So, what’s he doing?

    He’s been putting the Press on the spot for weeks now, starting with the “compliments” complaint and then the “thank you, MrPrez”. The strange remark about visiting SAmerica in AF-1 was troubling.

  2. And there’s photographic evidence of this dastardly caper, too. Coming soon to a video near you. I might have to steal the line Let’s Move to the bakery. It’s a good one. Along with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I’ve long felt that BO is also passive-agressive. Actually, just looking at pages of his photos you can almost figure that out…a very angry man.

    • I liked the stupid SBA question. Yes, it was your money, Mr President, so helpful to these plucky people. Just try to get SBA money these days–almost impossible!