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Thanks, North Korea, for Reminding Us to Bomb Iran

If you want to have some idea what the world will look like once Iran gets nuclear weapons, have a look-see below. It’s our friend Kim Jong-Il, the Dear Leader, or his son, Baby Jerk, lobbing bombs at South Koreans on an island near the border.

So far, two South Korean soldiers have been killed, and more than a dozen soldier injured, along with a few civilians. The North Koreans can do this, because they have nuclear weapons. Here is why they have nuclear weapons:

That’s right, it was this guy who negotiated the “Agreed Framework” with North Korea in 1994 that gave them the cover to develop their uranium enrichment program.

So now North Korea gets to blow up South Korean ships – as they did in March, killing 46 sailors – and attack South Korean islands with impunity. Because there ain’t much we can do about it. Oh wait, maybe there are a few things.

This morning, President Obama sicked White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on the North Koreans. This is what Gibbs said.

Earlier today North Korea conducted an artillery attack against the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong.  We are in close and continuing contact with our Korean allies.

The United States strongly condemns this attack and calls on North Korea to halt its belligerent action and to fully abide by the terms of the Armistice Agreement.

The United States is firmly committed to the defense of our ally, the Republic of Korea, and to the maintenance of regional peace and stability.

Oh boy, that will put it stop to it.

Sanctions may work, but only until the worsening situation brings everyone back to the negotiating table, some kind of agreement is reached, North Korea gets more money, and then a few years later the Kim family is discovered to be – SHOCKING – violating the agreement once again.

Which bring us to Iran. The Obama administration is arguing that sanctions must do the job, and that a military strike will only set the Iranians back two or three years and by the way unite the country against us.

Now, how we know anything about what will happen in Iran after a military strike other than the at least temporary – and perhaps permanent – end to their nuclear program, I do not know. For all we know, the mullahs will say, “the Hell with this,” send Ahmadinejad on vacation to Waziristan, and end the nuclear weapons quest.

I’d like to know of one place where sanctions have put an end to a country’s quest for nuclear weapons. I can name you several examples of where military action – or the serious threat of it, which is what we had going in North Korea in 1994 before Bill Clinton pussied out and sent in Jimmy Carter – has stopped countries from obtaining nuclear weapons.

1. Cuba, 1962 – John F. Kennedy blockaded the place and prepared to invade from Florida, forcing the Russians to cease their effort to place weapons on the island.

2. Iraq, 1981 – Israel bombs to pieces the Osiraq reactor.

3. Lybia, 2003 – Colonel Qadaffi craps in his pants after George W. Bush invades Iraq, and scraps his weapons program.

4. Syria, 2007 – Israel bombs to pieces the Al Kibar reactor, which was being assembled with North Korea’s help.

Sure, let’s give sanctions on Iran a little more time – you never know, afterall. But in the end, there will be only one choice if we want to prevent a radical, insane, Islamist, Holocaust-denying but Holocaust-threatening country from acting with impunity around the world.

We are going to have to bomb it.

But will Obama bomb Iran? Of course not. The Israelis will have to do it, which means the mission will not be executed as well as it could be, or will be a failure.

9 Responses to Thanks, North Korea, for Reminding Us to Bomb Iran

  1. I thought maybe he would cancel his campaign trip today which pales in significance next to this, maybe as a jesture towards the seriousness.

    Obama isn’t a serious pearson he just plays one on tv. Think of how many backs he can slap today, how many chesire cat smiles he can do for the camera, how many I love you, toos he can say to the crowd. And how many times he can say the worst recession since the great depression and we’ve had 200 straight months of growth under my tutelage.

  2. The process to enrich uranium is not explained in PopularMechanics magazine, it has to be done by those who are highly educated in this field.
    NKorea and Iran do not have the equivalent of our MIT colleges or any other place of higher mathematics/nuclear engineering learning located in their countries.
    The sheer threat of worldwide destruction by the rash actions of the leaders of Iran, NKorea or any other struggling country is chilling.

    It’s not enough for MrO to send DCBob to chastise NKorea for being mean and threatening to, well, not do much at all. The POTUS has to personally appear on TV to announce that we are aware of the situation and will monitor all events carefully and with serious resolve.

    Israel’s recent grant of some super-duper fighting jets from the US might be a slight deterrent to the Iranians but it won’t stop the threats.
    There are some who believe that we have star-wars technology to wipe out the Iranian nuclear facility from outer space. If that’s so, do it.


    One of two things will most likely happen:

    (1.) The ROK will respond with an arclight mission into NK which will touch off a second war that will end when China steps in to control tampen down Jong-Il brothers; ROK however will destroy most of the DMZ ARTY assests with pre-planned strikes;

    (2.) The U.S. responds with carrier-based assets to destroy NK’s nuclear making capability. This may also be used as a direct warning to Iran; if a strike took place, DEF would release video of surgical strikes and possibly lead to Iran coming back to the table with Chinese support.

    Then again … chickens will fly out of my butt.

    • Tom – I think you should have said “one of three things will most likely happen….with the third being (3.) Chickens will fly out of my butt.

    • Thanks Tom – interesting scenarios. I just really think NK’s military might has to be an illusion – that they have to shortchange their military. That said, I’m sure they can rain down a lot of destructive firepower on Seoul.

      • Keith,

        Your correct.

        Several items:

        1. UNCONVENTIONAL. I would not be suprised if the NK however, have a trained commando brigade (division?) with the specific objective of being inserted behind the DMZ to create diversion or to kidnap politicians / family members for an extreme series of hostage situations like what the Soviets planned during the Cold War.

        2. GAME DAY. The war will be 85% conventional / 15% unconventional (see above).

        3. INITIAL ASSAULT / KAMPFGRUPPE. NK divisions would be destroyed by concentrated fire directed toward suspected pre-planned invasion routes that would be opened to PULL IN fast moving armoured columns, which would then be destroyed peicemeal. [ The Germans invented this tactic during the First World War (1914-1918) when artillery fire would fall on empty trench lines (German troops having been pulled out of the line the night before). Arriving British, French and American troops would then assault the trenchlines whereupon *concentrated* German ARTY would crush the assault and destroy the unprotected infantry ].

        4. GAME PLAN. ROK/US will detect heat signatures at least 24 hours * before * an invasion, (quietly) pull out of DMZ positions and using the same tactics allow NK to invade with 10-15 shock divisions, draw them into a vacated salient and then destroy them, sealing off the rear area (and vital supplies).

        5. POLITICS. If Obama follows the established SOP already prepared we should be able to end this war in about the same time it took to destroy Saddam’s army in Gulf War II.

        6. MY GUT TELLS ME …. that the Chinese will buffer the NK/China border with 40 crack, frontline divisions with political objectives to provide support if the allies win, dividing NK into a small, autonomous region IF Pyongyang falls to the allies.

        Keith – your comment about NK possibly being a paper tiger is very, very possible. We will not know until that first, cracked shot is fired across no man’s land.