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Axelrod Leaving Sooner Than Expected

Senior White House adviser David Axelrod, who had been expected to leave in the spring, will now return to Chicago in January or February, according to POLITICO. His replacement, former Obama campaign chief David Plouffe, is arriving at the White House months ahead of schedule, in January.

The reason being given is that Axelrod needs time to rest before starting on the Obama reelect campaign. This may even be the actual reason. Or it may not be.

4 Responses to Axelrod Leaving Sooner Than Expected

  1. Hmm. It wouldn’t be because MrEmanuel is not feelin’ the lovin’ in Chicago.
    The introduction of the nice Black former senator lady into the race wouldn’t be a reason to panic. Or is it.
    What better place to “rest” than Chicago in the dead of winter?

  2. I kept the triumphant article printed in Vanity Fair when The One took office. It has pictures of all the “teams” involved in the administration and it’s been my curious pleasure to cross their faces off as they jump ship. So a nice “X” goes across Axelrod.

    I know that I’ve missed some people’s departure. Are David Medina and Frances Starkey Sanguin still working with MO? And what about that bright quartet of young minds who are presented as “The News-tracking Team”: Tim Skoczek, Jordan Mikin, Jesse Lewis, and Conor Whelan?

    And, Keith, what is MO up to? She’s hopping around the nation promoting salad bars in schools — and doing what? Taking in a Broadway show — and — with how many gfs along? Do you have access to her schedule? Where can we see it?

    And a happy Thanksgiving to everyone!